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Most don't realize how unusual it should be that people the world over know exactly what is going on in US politics yet, if you ask Americans about these other countries, we often can't find them on a map much less do we know the 1st thing of their politics.

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Over the next few years the world is going to start to realize how bad of an idea it was to let private US tech rise to the level of public utilities while also privatizing accountability and other basic functions to the same companies who's only goal is stock price.

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It is possible to be fascinated by technology, including AI, voice recognition, etc and still horrified by the companies currently manning the gates by which people can access that technology.

First world problems… If my traffic stays where it is I’ll have to buy a bigger @PlausibleHQ plan than I had planned on for my site.

Lesson in cross-posting. If you want the post to be clear on both Twitter and Mastodon, post to Twitter first. The character limit can really mess you up otherwise!

FOSSbros who say "just fork the code" or "find an alternative project" have the same energy as those who say "move to another country" when you point out the flaws with the current one you're in.

I often wonder if FOSS would be better if so much of the hype was more about the software and less about the ideology.

I stopped watching most teams, including ND, last fall when they made it clear that football revenue was more important than human lives. This type of move doesn’t help that.
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Notre Dame and NBC announce that the Irish season opener versus Toledo will be exclusively streamed on Peacock. Unlike the spring game, which was a free stream, a Peacock subscription will be required to watch Notre Dame’s first game of the s…

This morning’s post is a follow-up to last week’s post on using Make with WordPress. Today I talk about how to make it more flexible by settings parameters at runtime for a specific target.

Reactivated this morning. Hopefully it will make life a bit easier as I continue to try to post to Mastodon first and spend less time on Twitter.

So how do we handle yet another morning where we couldn’t walk because it was storming (we had a 6+ month daily streak until last week)?

Why… we get donuts, of course.


I came across this post recently and love reading about others’ experiences in switching to Linux. This one I find so interesting as their experience with Mac, especially, is almost the polar opposite of what I’ve seen coming back.

I’m considering turning comments back on for my site. Thoughts?

instant messaging changed the world. e-mail changed the world. the WWW changed the world. hell, _Facebook_ changed the world in individual and unique ways that are now touching every person on the planet.

because society bought in. hard.

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the idea that "software can't change the world" is a really weird one to me. of course software can change the world, just like roads, trains, plastics, or nuclear power did and can. but like all those things it requires society to buy in.

GNU and linux changed the world too - just not the way the Stallmanites hoped. it made the cloud possible, which itself made the horrors of online social media economically viable.

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With red tide I think it is safe to say that Florida really is trying to kill me.

My sinuses have been the worst in a few years this summer. The last time was 2018. Given Red tide both years I guess it makes sense but I’m getting tired of the near perpetual migraine this summer.

Last week I commented on how hard it is for new developers to get into WordPress. Today I’ve started to expand on that a bit with this post, the first of a few on the topic.

Machst Du Offsite-Backups? Wenn ja, wie/wo? plz boost

I finished a week’s worth of blog posts this weekend. I’m actually ahead and I loved every minute of it. Maybe this habit thing will stick this time.

I’ve debated putting a “buy me a coffee” or “buy me a beer” donation button on my site but… I don’t like or drink coffee and I no longer drink beer… hmmm.

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