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Most don't realize how unusual it should be that people the world over know exactly what is going on in US politics yet, if you ask Americans about these other countries, we often can't find them on a map much less do we know the 1st thing of their politics.

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Over the next few years the world is going to start to realize how bad of an idea it was to let private US tech rise to the level of public utilities while also privatizing accountability and other basic functions to the same companies who's only goal is stock price.

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It is possible to be fascinated by technology, including AI, voice recognition, etc and still horrified by the companies currently manning the gates by which people can access that technology.

I just booked a hotel room for the first time since 2019. It feels so… weird.

Now that we’re fully vaccinated we met friends for dinner for the first time in 14 months and it was wonderful.

I'm searching for resources about code review processes. Feel free to reply with your experiences too. I'm not interested in technical matters right now like how to automate parts of code review or your Opinion about the right size of a pull request. I'm asking about the social process of deciding when to merge. How do you ensure quality and keep development moving ahead without getting dragged down by disagreements? Boosts appreciated.

This is your regular reminder to join a union if you can
The union is the reason my employer #1 has to pay me for 4 hours work even when they only need 2.5 hours done, and then pay for my cab home if it’s scheduled to end past end of public transport hours.

Looking at selling my Oryx Pro. Just don’t have a use for it. Works great, looks almost brand new and has 3 chargers. Anyone interested?

prototype unreleased Macintosh cyberdeck design. This was a real Apple prototype, apparently!

Hey you.

Yeah, you

You’re pretty awesome. Keep it up.

Today marks 2 weeks since our 2nd Moderna shot so we’re finally officially vaccinated.

It’s only May and I’m so missing hoodie weather already. It’s going to be a long summer in Florida.

Today we have a company wellness day. What should I do with my day off?

It’s 2021; Flatpak isn’t “a new packaging format.”

I've taken so much sudafed and advil for my sinuses this week that my heart rate hasn't dropped under 95 BPM all day :/

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