It's been about a year now since we were in Utrecht. Oh how I wish we could've moved there. I'm still looking for alternatives but starting to realize I will probably die here.

As far as clickbaity headlines go, "strange, secretive cheapskates" is up there. I know that FI/RE can be cultish, but apparently being frugal to be in control of your life is bad?

"Inside the strange, secretive lives of rich millennial cheapskates"

#Thunderbird to add built-in support for #OpenPGP email encryption standard
Built-in OpenPGP support coming to Thunderbird 78, scheduled for release in the summer of 2020.

Towards totally free & open computing: System76 ships new laptops without BIOS / UEFI.

Galago Pro & Darter Pro are two new Linux laptops shipping with Coreboot as an alternative to its proprietary counterparts.

System76 is known for their rock solid powerful line of Linux PC's with a support and enthusiasm second to none. From the boot screen to desktop "29% faster" than with BIOS, thanks to dropping unnecessary features.

#system76 #coreboot #Linux #laptops #pop

The Microsoft PR spin machine continues: Sadly, it seems SJVN is now co-opted. This is pretty grim. Microsoft is *not* an ally to open.

Jr Developer: Really??? That's how it works?

Mid-Level: IT WORKS!

Senior Developer: I'm an idiot.

#Medium now fully completed their paywalling efforts. The public page's now completely inaccessible without logging in.

Unsuspecting visitors to Medium's #articles now can't #read them unless they lock themselves into the platform.

The ability to search for new #content written by independent creators? Gone! The goal's to usurp content created by others free of charge to make you pay the centralized platform to access it.

#Plume exists to combat this, using the power of the #fediverse.

Totaled Rolls-Royce Phantom in Pompano Beach, Florida. The car was being test driven by a mechanic when a Ford Fusion took a left turn and blindsided the Phantom, running it into a pole.

I’m sorry this has taken an unreasonably long time, but my slides from #SOTB2019 are finally up on my Notist profile. (I wanted to make sure the slides had a proper transcript—it’s a “tightened” version of what I said on the day.)

I finally finished @Snowden 's new book, Permanent Record, last night. On top of being informative (and scary if you worry about ) it was also incredibly well written and one of the more enjoyable books I've read in a while. I highly recommend it.

Many of you who know me know that I make this call regularly. Again and again I realize that in many cities and especially in the countryside some data in Openstreetmaps are missing, from information to shops, addresses or entire streets. Take time 10 to 15 minutes time today and check times near your place of residence at OSM if everything is well maintained there. I thank you.

#Openstreetmap #OSM #opensource #maps #community #help #freedom

Take action (one small step) on something you’ve been avoiding that will make your life better in the long run.

Even my intentional bubble on birdsite is getting to the point where looking at it makes me anxious yet it is the only place so many good friends can be found.

tech trends 

This sounds like a disaster waiting to happen.
This will end poorly.

This bar sells drinks by the hour, not the glass.

For an average price of $10 per hour, customers can drink as much as they can handle, the bar said.

Speaking at a UK conference probably isn't something I'm going to be as excited about in the future.
@sharonodea This is mad.
Also, that last paragraph?

I wonder if any of the Brexit backers have interests in such customs intermediary businesses? 🤔

Lower costs & less red-tape, they said 🙄

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