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It is possible to be fascinated by technology, including AI, voice recognition, etc and still horrified by the companies currently manning the gates by which people can access that technology.

I had to break out the space heater for my office and Pele is so offended.

I love working with FOSS software but the community has a long way to go, in most cases, in understanding why so many people don’t use their software.

It’s a rainy day, probably will be my first missed step goal since November. At least the temperature still isn’t bad though.

After a week of letting my diet go to hell to the point where I’ve been going through a ton of Tums… it’s time to get back on the saddle.

How did I used to eat like this all the time?

Today’s experiment: Finally play with WordPress 5.9’s RC.

After a couple of hours I’m completely lost. Just another reminder that apps that are visual first will never be apps that I can use efficiently.

I did our taxes. That was depressing.

My wife went W-2 with both her jobs this year but I don’t get to see the paystubs (long story but TL;DR is she is horrible at communication). Turns out they were taking out WAY too little and we owe right about $5,000. FML.

What's the cheapest reasonable quality dedicated video camera that I could obtain in bulk before Saturday?

We want to do a crowd sourced documentary at the makerspace grand opening. I'd like to be able to hand our cameras to anyone who wants to participate.

Looking for something dirt simple. Like, single button full auto, saves to internal flash or an external USB drive.

Don't want to build my own solely because of time constraints.

Parasites can't survive for long without hosts. Even COVID knows that. Why haven't (cishet) men figured that?

I think he might just trying to be universally hated.

RT to U.S. Conference of Mayors: "We shouldn't be cutting funding for police departments. I propose increasing funding."


I sat down at my desk at about 9am this morning for the sole purpose of working on my site.

It is now 1pm and I’ve done absolutely nothing with it.

I’ve written tomorrow’s blog post but it is super ranty, even for me. Add to that I just threw it together tonight and maybe it’s time I take a few weeks or more off of writing.

3 days of prepping for a 30sec pitch this morning in front of the whole company and… my mic, for the 1st time in 8 years, failed. I really should go back to bed.

I finished this book the other day and it’s a great read. In a country consumed by the national consequences of state issues it takes a very good look at the role the states play in creating and enlarging the issues.

*Sorry about the Amazon link. It’s the only site I could get to work for this book this morning.

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