My cat aspires to be a dog... And I love him for it.

To say it is thankless work is an understatement but I'm incredibly impressed by the work the folks are doing. Their work is incredibly important and yet they are forced to operate as a mostly forgotten entity. Thank you for all you do!

21 September is museum day. Many museums are offering free admission for two. To find one near you, take a look at

Oohhh... Now some Ace of Base. It's like I'm back in High School. Here's the playlist for anyone interested...

I really try not to be rude to people but I have a giant "no soliciting" sign on my front door for a reason. Some salesman, usually from Frontier or a real estate agent, completely ignore it. When called on it they usually have the gall to get mad at me and tell me they're not soliciting. GTFO. I have that for a reason so I can actually get work done during the day. ARGH!

and i don't just say this out of "oh people who don't use the command line are ~~scrubs~~ who don't understand how ~~real~~ computers work"

people have been systematically denied access to the knowledge that would let them use the expensive and miraculous computing devices they have to the fullest extent possible

this is a /choice/ that software developers continue to make and we have to /stop/

management will not approve and frankly they can fuck off. budget time for an /actual manual/

Could WordPress + Tumblr create an alternative to Facebook?

Wishing Automattic the best of luck, the world need more alternatives

Every year I have fun looking at what tools I use for my work and I do a write-up of that toolkit. This year is no exception, especially as my toolkit has changed so drastically over the last year.

Congratulations to @gnome project!!
22 years of free software developed for and by a great community!

It's been a very trying week for me. I feel like I've been facing a firing squad, both personally and professionally, all week and I'm tired. Here's to hoping today goes a little better but, I doubt it will.

Florida really needs to change it's slogan to "Heaven's waiting room"

or maybe "Hell's waiting room"

Either way, point made.

This summer the weather is really getting to me. It's been the wettest summer we've had since living here and my sinuses are reminding me of it every morning. Add to that I'm using the lights inside my office more than ever and I just can't wait for fall.

After a few months of trial and error, I've finally released an new version of my personal site. Now to start writing more.

People bragging about having a credit card with an Apple logo is peak capitalism. “Look, I can loan money from Apple on demand, and it’s shiny AND makes me feel like I’m outsmarting the entire financial industry that exists solely to profit off of me! Oh, and the app is so nice!”

This is too perfect and exemplifies major issues I have with Medium:

1. It’s non-obvious a story is monetized until you hit a brick paywall

2. Critical informational stories should not be monetized, as it limits the audience

3. Official company blogs should NEVER be monetized

Perhaps I should look at a drip service for when I try to clean out my Wallabag account. So much good stuff in there. Anyone know of a good self-hosted alternative to something like Buffer? cc @switchingsocial

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