@chris happy I left adobe years ago and haven’t looked back

@chris I’d like to eliminate as many subscriptions as possible this year likely starting with Dropbox and building my own private cloud for the few features I need

@curtismchale I'll look forward to seeing your writeups on that. I've tried, over the last month, to move away from Google to private services and it didn't work (it all broke down with sharing). Hopefully I'll get to try again at some point.

@chris What specifically in sharing? I expect I’ll have to use Google Docs still for writing and managing client content. It will be interesting to see what else I can’t get out of

@curtismchale Calendar was our biggest hangup. We also wanted it to replace Google Docs/GDrive and editing became and issue

@curtismchale For calendar, she has a GSuite account for email and mine was on Mailbox.org. Google was intercepting invitations, it was nearly impossible to view on Mobile and, the whole experience, just broke down. Decided it wasn't worth me changing everything up on her for now

@curtismchale @chris I'd considered one of those. Went with running my own sever in the cloud instead.

Might still be tempted offline, based on your review...

@ericmann @curtismchale Agreed. I'm definitely interested in hearing how this one goes.

@curtismchale @chris Nothing super fancy. Email for myself and my wife. Nice catchall addresses I use to catch spammers.

I also use it for DNS for some projects (nice, fast dynamic domains) and for a NextCloud sync of contacts/calendars from my phone.

@chris we could do iCloud calendar for a family one. I wonder about syncing iCloud with Acuity Scheduling for automated meeting booking

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