Firefox's Multi-Account Containers add-on is awesome but, what about all the random browsing you do on a daily basis? I stumbled across this gem the other day and it's taken containers to a whole new level but automagically creating temporary containers for new sites you browse to. I highly recommend it:

@chris I only use container tabs for a few things, but holy crap are they useful.

@SuperFloppies I have 5 or 6 with various sites assigned to each but this temp thing, damn, it really makes them useful. Don't have to worry about accumulating junk as I browse as they just get deleted after closing.

@chris There is an add-on to automatically delete all cookies after you leave a given site. However, I still find adds weirdly tailored to me.

@chris I've been wanting something like this. Thanks! I tried privacy.firstparty.isolate, but it broke my work's SSO. This looks a lot more flexible.

@chris This is fantastic - hopefully it doesn't interfere with e-commerce payment stuff.

@ishara @chris it does. You can disable redirects temporarily in config to put all the hops in the same container. I stopped using it all a few months ago though because if Firefox crashes a certain way it loses all of the container settings, and it's way too much work to set them up over and over again.

@chris That's pretty cool. I usually open a private window or use Tor for regular browsing, but I'm going to try this

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