Playing with Piwigo as a Google Photos replacement this morning. It's... ok, but I feel like it's going to be too hard to manage. Does anyone have a better recommendation? I really just want to be able to control my photo storage and be able to access from anywhere and share only with my wife.

cc @switchingsocial


I found @nextcloud to be pretty good for photo storage and sharing? They have a good app as well to upload straight from phones.

@switchingsocial @nextcloud I've tried it on my own Nextcloud instance but the whole thing came crashing down when I dumped all 40,000 in it. Do you know of any resources that might help improve performance? It would be perfect if I could solve that.

@chris @nextcloud

I'm not sure, I don't have that many photos :blobgrin:

Can anyone give advice about large volumes of pictures?

@switchingsocial @nextcloud I'll take a deeper look at NC too. Maybe I'm just missing something. Thank you!

@chris @switchingsocial @nextcloud Try Syncthing, as simple as copying your devices ID and everything will be synced and stored locally between devices. Perfect for pictures. 😉

@chris @nextcloud @switchingsocial When transferring a huge amount of data to Nextcloud, it's probably easier to just copy that over SSH / FTP and than restart Nextcloud. Nextcloud's upload is a bit limited.

@jlelse @switchingsocial @nextcloud That makes sense. Didn't think of trying a direct copy route. Thank you!

@chris @nextcloud @switchingsocial I always do it this way when it's more than > 2 GB. Also let a cron job generate image previews for you when you plan to use the Gallery.

@jlelse @switchingsocial @nextcloud That makes perfect sense. It's the gallery that grinds to a halt. I guess I just need to play with it a bit more.

@jlelse @switchingsocial @nextcloud Totally. This instance is on Digitalocean until I decide if the whole self-hosted experiment will work for us at which point I'll get a solid NAS and server to do it right at home.

@chris @nextcloud @switchingsocial You should configure memchached and APCU and maybe use for the first time the occ console command to create the thumbnails. And don't forget the cron job ;)

If you need more a more highperformance people are suggesting which offers different licenses. Some are free, some not.

@switchingsocial @chris @nextcloud

The Nextcloud instance probably just needs more RAM/processing power for that many photos to upload. If you can’t give it more resources, then I would copy it to the Nextcloud server via an external drive or via SSH and then move it to the appropriate directory for your Nextcloud user.

Even if they are in the right directory, Nextcloud would have to rescan your files to see the photos, which you would trigger using the occ command.

@chris @switchingsocial @nextcloud

Yeah, hopefully that helps.

Unfortunately, I haven’t quite made the switch from Google Photos to something more private like Nextcloud. Google Photos is just so convenient. But I know my privacy posture suffers for it. :/

@bin_sh @switchingsocial @nextcloud I get it. Photos and Google Fi are my last to major hold outs (other than a few apps I need I can only get from Play store, but that's a whole other issue). I figure, out of all of that, Photos sounds like an easy win on a lazy Saturday

@chris @switchingsocial @nextcloud

That makes sense. Are there any known privacy concerns with Google Fi? Or are you just de-Googling your life?

@bin_sh @switchingsocial @nextcloud A little of both. Google Fi puts all my calls, my phone number, texts, etc in Google's machine but... it's so damn convenient. On the other hand, I had been so deep in Google's ecosystem out of pure laziness that I just needed to start diversifying.

@chris @switchingsocial @nextcloud

I understand. Photos is probably my last major service of Google that I consistently rely on. And due to convenience in sharing for family, I don’t know if I could make the switch. They always are butthurt from me recommending they download *another* secure application.

@bin_sh @switchingsocial @nextcloud Ha! I get that. It's a big part of what kept me on Google for so long. It's one thing to move my own data... It's another for my wife's. Calendars were hard with this.

@chris @switchingsocial @nextcloud

Better Go slow uploading 40k will max out cpu and vps provider don't like it.
Nextcloud has to process all those image and have generate thumbnail

@chris @switchingsocial @nextcloud

Get a Wasabi bucket or You can get dedicated server too going to cost around 40Euro with enough storage.( One time setup fee)

@inditoot @switchingsocial @nextcloud Good call on Wasabi. I had forgotten about them. I think, long term, it will all probably go on local hardware but this will help in the meantime.

I use Still no control but at least my pics are encrypted

@chris Honestly, the only competent alternative I've found for my use is Synology Moments. But you need a DiskStation NAS.

@jccpalmer I have a feeling that's where this is all leading. Was just hoping to not have to add any hardware to the house for a while.

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