Does anyone else look at a FOSS or similar community and thing "I want to help" only to get frustrated after trying to follow them in Slack? I think, at least for me, my brain just doesn't follow that kind of communications at that level. In person chats, even periodically and on Zoom or Hangouts or whatever, can cover months of Slack chats and leave me feeling caught up but without them, I find I never can actually get involved at all.

@chris This is why communities which operate chatrooms need appointed liaisons, who have highlighting enabled for "Hi <channel-name>! I'm new!" and then personally reach out to those people.

That is to say, yes, I do, and I didn't used to so much.

@chris Aside from slack being a mess... People don't use it correctly. They'll add a new message rather than a direct reply to the message they're replying to which turns the whole thing into a 90s AOL chat room free for all :|

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