Hello from yet another new instance as I look for a personal place I can archive my content.

I'm a software engineer working on WordPress with an emphasis on , , and the .

Historically I've been a pilot, musician, teacher and about 1,000 other things.

If any of this interests you, let's chat!

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@chris I seem to be on/off Mastodon. I think having created 3 instances was not the smartest way to go. Plus I still have Twitter and Facebook to deal with.

@metbril Thanks! This is instance number... 4? Hoping for one that sticks!

@chris What sort of education did you need to get to be able to be a software engineer, pilot *and* teacher?

@orangelamp Ha. Undergrad in aviation that took me in as a tech employee to get a Masters in computer science when the airlines went sour in the last recession :D

@Stringbender @chris Chris I didn't know you were also a musician! I dabble in it myself. You can find my stuff at

Do you have any links to your work?

@Stringbender @chris Seeing that I posted here before, I clearly did read this, but missed the musician part. :D

@pandora_parrot @Stringbender Oh nice! I haven't had anything recorded. I played a lot of Jazz clubs in Chicago back in the late 90s and haven't had much of a chance for anything in the last 10 years. Would love to get my trumpet cleaned up to play again but, like aviation, that requires time I just don't have.

@chris @pandora_parrot
Planning to listen to Pandora's tracks later when chilling out.
I went off recording myself a few years ago, wanting instead to make a live set that can be streamed. Heading towards ambient soundscapes and chillgressive these days, but don't hold me to that if I go industrial or drone pipe organ or something just as random next week.
Oh - jazz is always cool too!

@chris @pandora_parrot ... and also went off using computers for any live playing. Using a MPC1000 to control and sequence synths and rhythms leaving space for live playing of guitars or keyboards.
On the aviation front, spent the day installing an EFIS into my little 3 axis microlight.

@Stringbender @chris Oh sweet! I'm sending my PA32 300 out to Medford in a month to get a second G5 EFIS installed, as well as a new Nav/Com to replace the old and busted shit that's currently in there.

@pandora_parrot @chris
Had a failing altimeter in this bird, so I filled the hole with a little AvMap EFIS. Just got to calibrate and configure it now, but now have to get it inspected before I can ***FLY*** again.

@Stringbender @chris Heh. My vacuum pump is clearly on the way out. I'm not sure how much longer it'll last, but hopefully it'll last the month until I take it in to be removed.

@pandora_parrot @chris
Finally flying again! EFIS installation approved and good microlight weather yesterday, so made 40 min solo flight to check it out and familiarise myself with new-to-me aircraft. :)

@Stringbender @pandora_parrot That's awesome! I got my permanent CFI in the mail the other day. Really hoping to make use of it this fall. Going to take a few [dozen] hours to get up to speed again though.

@chris @pandora_parrot
Instructor then? That's great - hope you get the opportunity to make good use of it!
I need a few hours yet for my rating renewal, but even more to get back to a comfortable level of skills.

@Stringbender @pandora_parrot I used to fly for a living. Hated the airline/135 work but always loved the teaching part. I look forward to teaching flying as much as I do to actually flying

@pandora_parrot @Stringbender It's so worth it. On top of someone to fly with it's so awesome to help someone else get to their own dream.

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