You know what I really love about this community?

Yesterday I was annoyed and frustrated, so slammed Git. Today I’ve posted about the Keybase acquisition.

We have a lot of devs here, so these are subjects close to peoples’ heart.

Not once. Not a single time did I receive a reply saying something akin to “shit up Kev, you dick. You don’t know what you’re talking about.” (which would be a fair comment).

Instead I’ve had constructive feedback and offers to help me learn.

You guys blow my mind.


@kev i would say the opposite of twitter but I had a similar rant there about pop_os a few days back and the system76 CEO replied and opened a bug. Maybe humanity isn't lost after all?

@chris that’s really cool actually! Having said that, from what I’ve seen as an outsider, the system 76 guys are generally really good.

@kev Their support has been so good it won me back to Linux from Apple. I never thought that would be the case for any Linux company.

@chris I think my next laptop is likely to be a 76.

@obi @kev That is such a sweet looking machine! I have an Oryx Pro and an Asus Zenbook, the latter I bought last fall. I wish I hadn't needed the Asus then as I would gladly get the Lemur.

@chris I have a zenbook as well. Just wait until your hinges go. SUCKS replacing them @kev

@kev @chris I would have picked them for my new laptop, but they don't offer AMD processors. 😞

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