I've been using DDG as my search engine full-time for about a year. I forgot to change over on My new work machine and... Damn, it's really hard to search for actual answers on Google these days. If it's one of their context items, you're in luck. If not... sucks to be you.

@aktivismoEstasMiaLuo God Damnit. Bookmarking. That might just become this weekend's project

@aktivismoEstasMiaLuo As you're one of the folks that I would bet have tested better alternatives... What's you're recommendation?

@chris The single best search engine is, but it's down for the moment. It's the only search engine in the world that respects your #privacy enough to filter out #CloudFlare sites.

@chris short of that, it's roughtly a tie between,,,,,,,, &

@chris is also good. I guess comes out ahead of those b/c it offers a cache link which is handy when you encounter a #Tor-hostile site.

@aktivismoEstasMiaLuo Thanks! I've had such a hit and miss relationship with searx instances in the past, which is largely why I had settled on DDG. I'll give these a look.

Also, a quick search on Qwant didn't turn up anything nefarious. Is there anything you know of that I'm missing?

@NOCARRIER The ads are amazing. It really isn't even a search engine anymore they're so bad.

@chris I suspect they built an ad engine that's so much better at delivering targeted information that if you're all-in with the surveillance capitalist ecosystem it might actually be better.

@NOCARRIER Ha! I love that view.

I have ads filtered out with my DNS too which means, I really notice it as they result in dead links when I clicked them. It was rather amazing.

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