Is there a super simple mail client that works on the console that is simpler than mutt? Something like mail(1) but with IMAP and MIME support?

I'm trying to compile aerc. I'm no a #golang person. I wonder: how am I supposed to do this on #Debian, if I'd like to use the Debian packages instead of downloading all these sources from all over the net myself? My main problem, however, is that one of the modules requires Go 1.13 and my Debian variant offers Go 1.11.6. :blobsad:

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@kensanata As someone who does a lot of GoLang work, I install Go via homebrew on my Linux machines. That will, at a minimum, keep you up to date with it.

@chris I used Homebrew a lot on OSX. I did not know it was also available for Linux. Amazing!


@kensanata You can't use Cask but for CLI tools, especially dev tools, it's pretty much perfect on Linux

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@chris Don't you ever run into conflicts with your distro's package manager? Or do you simply delineate it along the Go line and say, anything that uses Go I install via Homebrew, the rest uses apt/pacman/whatever?

@kensanata I put homebrew's packages first in the path in my own profile and let the system do it's own thing for other users. From GIT to Go and dozens of others I've found this effective without, so far, a single conflict. To date I've used this for Git as well as environments in Go, PHP, Python, Node and Ruby. It's surprisingly solid.

@chris Wow. A whole old/new world before my eyes. πŸ˜„ Thanks a lot!

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