Looking at building a computer for the first time since the 1990's with a new release of Flight Simulator coming out. Any pointers? I've found plenty on stores and all but I'm sure some of y'all have some ideas of what to either look for or watch out for.

Also, with this I feel like my tech life will have come full circle from homebuilt machines for Flight Sim to Mac and now back. It's actually really fun now.

@chris is a good resource for putting a build together (though they sometimes miss retailers and seem to favour Amazon so I trust them less for price info/availability).

If you're looking at specific hardware, check if the youtube channels Gamers Nexus or Hardware Unboxed have done anything on them. Both do really good, thorough testing.

Also, hardly anyone is buying Intel anymore :P

Fourth gen Ryzen is just around the corner; might be worth waiting?

@jbauer Thanks. Looks like Flight Sim is still in Alpha so I can definitely wait a bit.

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