I've been professional developer/engineer for 7.5 years. Today I just finally removed the last git GUI app from my machine. It's like losing an old friend :D

@chris Git has a GUI?

I jest ... I'll occasionally use `gitk` on my Mac to figure out WTF some folks are doing with branching and merging. But it's been a long time since I've installed any other GUIs for VCS anywhere.

Which GUI did you finally jettison?

@ericmann The last one I had been using is sublime-merge

Admittedly, I can get rid of it as I'm no longer working in a place where it's necessary to rey to see the GIT tree in troubleshooting history. There were times at some places where I was trying to trace the history of 30 or more branches.

@chris Those were the only situations where I used a GUI. Thankfully I'm now in far more control of project lifecycles as to prevent that kind of mess.

@ericmann Makes sense. These days I have more control and a team more willing to work in a team and implement proper tools and flows. It makes such a difference


Experiencing SourceTree slowly wrecking itself over the past ten years has been like watching a loved one slip away into senility 😧

@rezmason HA, for real. That used to be my go-to as it was so powerful. I don't miss it.

@chris "SourceTree, look who's come to visit, it's /features/login/fix_tab_index !"

"Whaaa? Martha?"

"No, remember fix_tab_index?"

"...fix_tab_index, yes, how are you? How's the rebase?"

"Ha ha Grampa SourceTree I aborted that rebase two weeks ago"

"Nonsense, sonny! There's still a hundred and two unresolved conflicts—"

"Sorry fix_tab_index, sometimes he gets confused."

"—did I ever tell you about when we stormed the branches at Normandy? Drove Jerry all the way back to origin, we did..."

@rezmason @chris The Windows version is all but unusable now.

@rezmason @chris For example, the installer: They actually install it in a per-user directory now, and I've never seen it create shortcuts.

@tewha @rezmason That's how I had felt about the Mac version when I stopped using it. When I went partially to Linux I started looking for alternatives and it didn't take long for me to completely replace it with sublime-merge.

@chris @rezmason In find the Mac version still pretty useful for viewing/merging diffs, which is about all I use it for now.

I started out using it for everything, but the good and bad thing about it being so close to the command line in design is that you eventually learn how to do everything without it.

@tewha @rezmason Last time I used it for mac was on a team where it wouldn't be uncommon for people to generate 100 plus branches. SourceTree completely died under that one.

As for CLI, that's where I'm at these days. If I really need to view something I can do it via VSCodium's GIT tools and extensions

@norweeg @tewha @rezmason Those are the two I've installed. 99% of what I do is via CLI though anymore

@chris @norweeg @rezmason I've been doing a lot more on the web via GitHub (now) and GitLab (on secondary projects, in the past and future).

@tewha @chris

We can still treasure the memories, at least. Along with black and white photos on the mantle, taken back when SourceTree was full of pluck and vigor, and the only GUI alternative was GitHub's shitty Mac client


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