After the Mozilla announcement next week, have you started migrating off of Firefox yet? Bonus, if you're migrating, for what you're migrating to in the replies.

@chris @AndroidMancave It would be nice if some of the forked projects could hire the ex Mozilla employees. I doubt that is financially doable for most of the os browser projects though.

@chris you missed the "already migrated" option. I moved to PaleMoon a few years back when Mozilla announced they would deprecate all my extensions

@category I get a lot of folks already have, definitely intending to limit this one to those who have or will only as a result of this new development though

@david @chris same, I hate this situation >.>

How's Opera stuff these days?

@furkachi @amandag @david Queue Google and Apple creating separate internets for their users. Ugh.

@chris @furkachi @amandag Whatever I use for myself I still gotta keep Chrome around because I can't participate in all parts of my life without it.

Which is more me hating that being the case than apologizing for it.

@david @furkachi @amandag It is a HARD requirement that I still use Chrome for some work functions so I get it. If it wasn't for work I could completely remove pretty much all Google at this point without any issue *sigh*

@chris @furkachi @amandag I would straight up have to change up parts of my banking/credit, some businesses that I use, and my health provider. Beyond giving up some client work

@chris @furkachi @amandag Just judging based on sites that haven't loaded properly for me in Firefox with no extensions, but have features that work in Chrome with script blockers on.

@chris @amandag @david So either community/someone else takes up gecko or it's chromium then...

Hopefully though apple/google won't make the same mistake crosoft did.

(mostly because google will eat the market, like it already has)

@chris @amandag @david (also, does google have a hand in chromium or just chrome, I forget?)

@chris @amandag @david (to answer my own question, yes, obviously, google has a hand in the Chromium project)

@furkachi @amandag @david Is it feasible for anyone without VERY deep pockets to do pick it up? Google/Apple/etc have made the standards so complex and their ownership of groups like W3C so nearly complete that maintaining any engine is night impossible.

@chris @amandag @david that's a very good point >.> really sucks for Google to get this one thing more in their hands

probably is a good thing for non-standard features like AMP that have even more of a future in front of them now

@furkachi @amandag @david I wonder, too, what will happen to hardware. Will there still be an incentive to make Chrome better on battery/etc without some sort of real competition? Once you blow away all competition it seems like there's little reason to continue to invest. Same with Apple. In both, as we're already seeing with apps, it strengthens their case for segregating the net too.

@chris @amandag @david I mean, to be fair, Firefox is already barely a competition on the market today :/

@david Me too. I've tried Vivaldi but... ugh. After the poll closes I'm hoping to be able to use it and the responses in a blog post

@chris I'm not 100% on migrating but I'm seriously considering it.

I'm less bothered by the layoffs (they are a fact of life in modern corporations. Even the 'best' corps will need to do it sometimes) than I am by how reliant they are on Google for revenue.

I've looking at maybe switching to Brave. I don't like that they rely on ad revenue, but I like their transparency and that ads are optional. That they share ad revenue with users and have built in Tor option are major bonuses.

@chris Nope, still a good browser for me and there isn't really anything else I can bother going to, I surely refuse to use a Blink/chrome-based browser as my main one, and most WebKit browsers are very meh

@Waces @chris ehh, Epiphany is alright. Very stable (more than the others), does not implement API's that are detrimental to privacy, and actually has good defaults

Still, I'm working with the GNOME guys to get some new features into it

@chris I'm probably going to keep using Firefox.

I still /mostly/ trust it, much more than Chrome; it's still far, far more configurable than Chrome; and it's got some /really/ nice features like cookie containers.

@chris I guess Librewolf, which I might migrate to, counts as migrating from Firefox?

Technically it's just a Firefox fork, but whatever

@chris I'll consider migrating when something else becomes less bad than Firefox.

@chris For what, Chrome? The big problem with Firefox is that it's been slowly losing the things that make it better than Chrome. But jumping to Chrome won't improve that.

@chris The problem is there are no alternatives :(

Because they son't value people over profit anymore.


I haven't been using Mozilla's firefox for a almost a year now.

Previously I have used #Firefox fork called Abrowser. Currenly using #Iceweasel and #Icecat which are also firefox forks.

@chris I abstain from voting on the poll directly because my option isn't there.
I haven't migrated yet, I don't feel like migrating but I don't feel the need to keep FireFox forever.
The thing is that I can't find a browser that is not FireFox that I like.
I know there are plenty of forks around but none of them really pique my interest...

I am willing to change if a browser piques my interest, but I don't feel the urge to.

@chris Next week? Is that a typo or is there an announcement coming that I missed?

@danarel damn it. I wrote that early monday and clearly hadn't been awake enough yet. Meant "last" week

@danarel thank you for pointing it out. I hadnt noticed it until you mentioned it.

@chris @david I use Pale Moon, Vivaldi and Basilisk for all my browser needs.

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