After a year on I've moved my site back to . It wasn't an easy decision for me to make so I've tried to highlight why I did it in a new post.

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Hi, un this post you link to your main blog, while I think you want to link to your journal.

Also, now that both blogs are on WordPress wouldn't it be better a multi site?

@ggarron No, this is the right link. As for multisite, I might well combine them but, for now, this split works as it was pretty much turnkey with my hosting.

@chris Interesting post, thank you for sharing! I was thinking of going with Hugo for a while, too, but then decided that I wanted a true CMS, so went with Ghost instead. For me, Gutenberg was still a hindrance more than a useful tool a few months ago, even though I contributed knowledge and even some code to it. As a blind user, I don't get the same benefits out of it as you do, so that advantage would not be one for me that would make me switch back to WordPress.

@marcozehe That makes a lot of sense on the of WordPress with Gutenberg. I had looked at Ghost as well at a few points. If there was a single reason for all of it, though, it would be work. Maybe at some point I'll get to look at that point a bit differently again.

I'm in a similar situation. I migrated from WordPress to Hugo about two years ago. These days I consider migrating back for many (technical) reasons similar to yours. While static HTML sites give me some peace of mind not to care about security updates, etc I notices that I spend more time with the technology like Hugo templates, syntax, comment systems etc than on the actual content of my page.

@chris welcome back! My main blog is WP, but I have a second, new block using Jekyll, thinking about it rating it over to WP too though as it’s just a faff to manage. Fun, but still a faff.

@chris I'm having a different experience, and yes, I have burned 2 weekends coming up to speed. Another difference is I'm using it with Emacs org mode, which is my tool of choice

@eludom Bookmarking. Thanks! I loved using Hugo... just doesn't make sense with the day job

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