"What is the recommended cocktail of extensions to use these days for optimal privacy?"

It's crazy what we need to do just to surf the web without worrying about being profiled and manipulated. Here's what I do (Firefox, DuckDuckGo, Mullvad and uBlock Origin)

@markosaric It really is crazy. My setup is a bit different (I don't, for example, use a VPN full time for a number of reasons) but it's just as complex. Hell, in reality my whole tech stack was built out of a concern for privacy and it's kinda ridiculous.

@chris very true. the worst part is that people like us can "defend" ourselves but we're the exception. most people will never do anything like this, most will never even install an adblocker. so this approach is not really a solution for the problem


@markosaric I couldn't agree more (it's all been the source of many rants for me lately, lol)

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