I've been trying to come up with some new presentations to submit to conferences next year. It may not shock anyone that I've been losing interest in everything that I used to do.

I think that these might not make the best submissions... :bowie_sweat:

@david Quit reading my talk list, David.

Maybe we should just present these as panels?

@chris I of course waited for the final day to submit to WordFest. And I really don't know if I have anything worthwhile to talk about


@david I get it. I thought hard on submitting to that one as it's one conf I'd love to see succeed...

...and I couldn't come up with anything sans basically the list you shared. Ugh

@chris I've been watching so many presentations that are rather inspiring over the past few days. I just haven't thought, "oh yeah, I actually know about this at all"

@chris Which is probably a lie, but I don't know how to balance maintaining and growing a public persona and the impostor syndrome that it leads to.

@david Even the topics I know I just come back to "eh, literally anyone else could do it better anyway so what's the point"

@chris And that's probably wrong for us both, but we think it

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