I talk about leaving big tech behind a lot, but don't just take my word for it. Here's my thoughts on a Google employee who points out the dangers of relying on Google for all your data.

@chris would love to read it but page not loading

@Tcjc Weird. I've tried on two separate VPNs and my main connection without issue. Is it giving you any errors?

@chris Thanks for checking. Has to be my connection then. And in fact now checking again, it's loaded. Sorry for disturbing you.

@Tcjc No worries at all. I appreciate the notice actually (I would never know if it did go down unless someone told me)

@chris Great post. You're so right. It's truly amazing how many normal users surrender everything including their data and identity for a pretty interface which doesn't challenge their tech skills. Maybe future generations will be different. But I am not so sure.

@Tcjc Thank you. I hope future generations are better at it but it will require a drastic rethinking of how we handle a lot of things. I wish I could be a bit more optimistic.

@chris interesting posts Chris. I use @ubuntu and @Manjaro but also Msoft for DJ controller compatibility. Signal and Telegram for msg. @Tutanota for email and am investigating home nas storage via HDD attached to router. Will use Lineage os as soon as it's available for my mobile. Cyberghost VPN. Project this year is a multi room raspberry pi music streaming set up. Linux started me on this path 10years ago. #foss

@AndroidMancave @ubuntu @Manjaro @Tutanota Thanks! I couldn't even imagine trying to go all FOSS in niches like music. I would love to see write-ups on how all that works together.

@chris see what I can do. I still use SoundCloud and Deezer for streaming but getting access to all the CDs I ripped a while back and using a media centre like Kodi or something should be easy enough on the pi. And, I'm finding Qwant an excellent search engine. Take it easy.

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