I don't know how many times I've heard this exact conversation play out in real time over the last 3 years. We live next to a bar district that attracts quite a diversity of people and as a result this convo was quite common.

*image from another mastodon post so I could add alt text

Adding that I didn't pick "3yrs" out of a hat. It was around the start of 2018 that many started switching to the idea that a certain someone had turned around and saved the economy over the previous 12 months and deserved all credit for any good numbers.

@chris anecdotally, the labor market was tight and wages were actually rising in my region for the first time in my life.

Good things can happen to/with bad people and vice versa.

@Demosthenes Even during recession some will do well. My experience with this is living in a wealthy tourist town where few of the service employees could afford to live 4+ years ago and much fewer can now.

@chris my experience is in the Midwest region heavily affected by outsourcing. Not everyone is in a wealthy region, but those are overrepresented in politics and media.

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