This sums up my thoughts on all too many devices these days.

@chris Took me about half a minute to see the wooden horse and "get it".

@retroedgetech Haha! I even tried to include the spoiler in the Alt text :D

@retroedgetech Ha. No worries. Sorry, I was just proud of myself for [finally] remembering to add the description to the image :/


Yah one of my favorite axes to grind is that the idea that people have to PAY for "smart" speakers is ridiculous and speaks to how twisted everything is.

I mean, I am totally creeped out by "smart" speakers but ok fine if you want one great but you are the product you shouldn't have to pay to be the product.

@Alonealastalovedalongthe I'm with you on all that. I had a few Google speakers when they sent me the first one free with my phone. They're all gone. I'll stick with Sonos that don't have mics in them.


Il stick with my raspberry pi hooked up to a dinosaur stereo system I use vnc viewer to somewhat clunkily access with vnc viewer from my phone :P

@Alonealastalovedalongthe I had a setup like that but too many moves killed all the older stuff. For now the current setup works pretty well though. I still miss my old component stereo setup and my literal wall of CDs to go with it (I had 1000s). RIP fun audio setups


To be fair, they take up a LOT of space and time to setup and use

@Alonealastalovedalongthe Yeah, but it was fun. Tuning, building, collecting and listening was a hobby that actually was enjoyable. Today I have Sonos and Spotify as I don't have time to keep up with anything else

@Alonealastalovedalongthe I don't have a good way to play it all at the moment and haven't had a chance to set something up. I can't even play the music I ripped from all those old CDs easily. It's a perpetual to-do list item

@chris my ancient greek lessons back in school prepared me for memes like this

@chris They're not even all that cheap. It's a luxury spying device that you actively pay for, often monthly.

@AgreeableLandscape That describes everything from speakers to cars, refrigerators, TVs and more though. The internet a shit is so much bigger than people realize

@chris And all of then are more expensive than their "dumb" counterparts. Except TVs, I don't think dumb TVs even exist anymore unless you want to settle for one with a very low quality panel (just don't hook it up to Wi-Fi and you should be fine though).

@AgreeableLandscape Yeah. It's kinda crazy how much extra people will pay for spyware on some of this shit. When we need to replace something these days the store clerk usually looks at me like I have to heads when I say I don't want all the connected shit. Hell, there's only one device I've sought out and that's Hue lights due to light switch placement that's so bad it can be dangerous for visitors. The rest... fuck that.

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