In an effort to throw out fewer pens and be more sustainable with how I write I bought 2 Lamy Al-Star fountain pens (1 blue, 1 black ink) in the last few weeks and I'm hooked. I should've done this years ago!

No, I'm not about to start collecting them either. This setup is perfect for my needs. The idea was better sustainability, not a hobby. I go through one regular pen every few weeks normally. Now I can refill without waste and, bonus, they write so much nicer!


In my opinion, and it's not necessarily the most popular one, is that the ink is far more fun than the pens -- and that doesn't cut into your sustainability effort. Once you're done with a bottle or pack of cartridges, you can get a different shade and it gives your writing a little change in personality

@montdor Totally. Already have a "wish list" of a few I want to try in the future. Bought a couple of Noodler's inks to get started though and it's already pretty cool!

@chris Amazing! Noodler's are my personal favorite if I had to have "brand loyalty"! I'd highly recommend Liberty's Elysium (my favorite), 54th Mass. (currently inked), and Heart of Darkness/Noodler's Black for some nice blues and blacks. If you haven't found them, I'd look at Goulet Pens (on Youtube and online) for info and I've had great experiences buying from them. Closest thing to an online mom-and-pop shop I've seen

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