On 1 Jan I completely quit soda and went from 2-3 classes of caffeinated tea a day to one. It's amazing how much that has improved my state of mind throughout the day. Everything is so much clearer and focus isn't a lost goal.

Those who know me know how long it took me to quit soda too. It really has been a physical addition for years. Really glad I'm finally making progress with that one.

@mur2501 Yep. Grew up on cola. There were times when I went through a 24-can-case in a day. No matter how much I've tried I've just never been able to shake it. Was down to 1 20oz bottle most days over the last 3-4 years and seem to finally be past that

Ohh coca cola, I thought you meant plain carbonated water by soda.
We don't even get coca cola in my town :blobcatgoogly:

@mur2501 Oh, gotcha. Yeah, I'm in the US and, especially when I was younger, Coke and Pepsi were everywhere. It's taken a very long time to break that habit.

@chris @mur2501 I had a coworker who would do a 12 pack of Mt Dew during work hours and much more at home

He's completely off the Dew now though!

@feld @mur2501 Nice! I get that. When I was flying for my last airline we often had 14-16hr days without any chance for a break. I would go through a full 24-can case of Mountain Dew at times doing that, it would be the only calories I would get those days.

Yup I know, your lives are based upon coke, pepsi, McDonald's, dominos and stuffs 🙃
In terms of soda, I like (as well as others here) Sprite.

@mur2501 It's always amazing to me how, as a kid, Coke and Pepsi were common, fast food was gourmet and everthing at home, as a middle class white kid, was re-heated frozen food. Somewhere around 2000 many here "discovered" more natural foods and acted like they invented nature. I will say I'm fortunate to eat much better today but so many are still stuck with very poor diets and no chance of changing that.

@chris @mur2501 TV dinners and a fridge full of soda was life. Pizza Hut and McDonalds was a treat.

@chris @feld
We buy vegetables from the stoles (If we want in bulk then we directly go to the farmer) as well as they cut the chicken in front of you (which would be gross for westerners) when you go to buy meat. (Beware beef is banned here)

@mur2501 @feld I have no problem with doing without beef. As for the rest... it's scary how many Americans don't realize that meat really does come from a living animal.

@chris @feld
I don't have any problem with eating meat but I just find it weird how many meat eaters find it gross to see the animals been cut

@chris @mur2501 frozen veggies are actually pretty great though. They can retain nutrients better. They are often better than fresh, considering what "fresh" means here in the Midwest!

Canned are awful though, just completely disgusting. We had a lot of canned growing up especially because my grandparents were depression babies and my grandma didn't live a day without canning something and filling the cupboards and basements of everyone in a 10 mike radius haha

The texture and flavor of canned is just so... bad. It really turned me into a picky eater when I was young. I basically only ate carbs/sugar as a result... and somehow never got fat or diabetes.

*knocks on metabolism*

This baby can fit so many bad eating habits in it

@mur2501 Until I started traveling outside of the US I didn't understand that. Now I just shake my head at so much of it.

America is a wonderful weird and upside-down world living just in itself without ever knowing about outside world.

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