It’s officially been one full year since we’ve seen any friends or family. With no end in sight for us, no, I am not OK.

@chris we'll be moving into something new, but we are moving forward, even if way too slowly

@chris I know how you feel. Haven't seen my parents in-person since Christmas 2019. Hang in there. All pandemics end.

@chris Yep, it's hard. We planned to visit Europe to see my parents in March 2020 (after our first year in SE Asia) and still haven't managed. Video calls keep us sane but it's not the same.

@chris Same here, for the most part. I've seen one family member, once, outdoors with masks. No in-person friends since I can't remember when. But I'd say an end of sorts is in sight thanks to vaccines. It might help to focus on today rather than the indeterminate future if relief feels impossibly far away. You've made it this far and you'll make it to tomorrow too. Stay strong and keep us Mastodonians posted on how you're doing.

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Chris Wiegman

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