There are so many stories this week about companies who can't wait to go back to in person because it's "more productive." These are often the same companies that were praising remote productivity last summer. I'm starting to fear that, rather than a golden age of remote work, we're about to face a backlash against it from people who can't separate productivity from their own social hour.

@chris It's all about control, not about social hour or being more productive. Bosses on the capitalist spectrum fear their control over their employees slipping. Pressure no longer taking hold as it used to, people suddenly discovering alternative ways to do things that don't satisfy their belovid shareholders and endanger their Florida Beach retirement plans. Oh and their sale to the next big company.

Oh and does that sound sarcastic, even cynical? You bet!

@marcozehe I get it and agree completely. Was just trying to be a bit more positive when I wrote it.

@chris I am sorry. My current health conditions are a direct result of this capitalist tech world. My depression doesn‘t allow for much positivity in this area right now. But definitely didn‘t want to come across harsh.

@marcozehe It's all good, my friend. I've been at a low point myself this past week and don't see any way out. Here's to hoping things can eventually change for the better.

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