I’ve been slowly moving back to Apple for my devices for a while now and pleasantly surprised I haven’t had many issues with the open software I use for many purposes. Maybe this will work out in the end after all.


Last time I had Mac using anything that wasn’t native apple was made so difficult. This time everything from from Nextcloud to Synology and so many others are all playing really nicely together. That seems like a win to me.

@chris I always found the Mac environment coexisted quite well with homebrew -- especially after installing the Xcode X11 server.

Quite frankly its probably the best unix environment if you can deal with the proprietary aspects and don't mind apple having access to your personal data.

@fedops considering I can’t host at home (too much travel and very limited options for upload speed where I live) I don’t know if they’re all that much worse with my data than many and they are definitely a lot better with it than Google. My life requires that I use big tech for some things, hopefully I can just keep it to this now.

@chris it's definitely the least-bad option I think.

What I'm concerned about is the requirement for corporations, regardless of who it is, to comply with NSLs and subpoenas. Using free non-centralized software and/or self-hosting your services you don't have that problem. That was the reason I moved off my Mac.

Plus the only shrink-wrapped software I used (Lightroom) moved to a cloudy subscription-only model, which i disagree with.

@fedops I get that with legal demands for data. Unfortunately even my Nextcloud is hosted though as I can’t really run it from home. Anything I can I encrypt myself before transfer as a result (thank goodness for Veracrypt)

@chris @fedops I think trusted open source client side encryption tools (GPG, Cryptomator, Veracrypt) are good compromises in using centralized cloud services. That way you don't need to trust the server and it's just gibberish to them :P.

I tried a nextcloud hosting provider recently was kind of underwhelmed with the UX but also overwhelmed with the options. Syncthing plus backblaze seems to be good enough for my needs for now at least :P

@ndanes I closed my back laze backup recently in part because they were leaking file meta info to Facebook. Trying Synology’s C2 with client side encryption for that one. Options are definitely good.

@chris I did see that, but my files look like this: duplicity-full.********.manifest.gpg

so I don't really care if facebook has that metadata haha. That said, in principle I'd like to find another provider, but there's nothing as seamless or as affordable as an alternative for how much data I need to back up :-/

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