This post on just how badly the world is handling COVID is the best I’ve read yet. COVID capitalism is killing millions around the world and there is a long way to go.

This is only shocking if you haven't been paying attention to how literally every crisis gets handled under capitalism, unfortunately I could have told you this was going to happen last March.

@chris I agree that it shows moral bankruptcy of a system failing to provide an open licence for the vaccin.
I don't see how this article is helpful beyond naming it. The numbers given don't add up, the classification of dumb rich western is... emotionaly charged? A practical proposal for getting out of this mess is lacking.
Finally, 'holocaust' is describing a genocide. A planned murder to destroy a ethnical group or nation. Is this really what happens?

This is only part of what's going on. This has all been planned, because the overall outcome is a one world Govt, (see world economic Forum). Authoritarian Govt's "for the greater good" is the start of tyranny.

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Chris Wiegman

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