I’ve been using Apple’s Pages/Numbers/Keynote since moving to my iPad as my only personal device. I have to admit, they’re really not bad to use on the device these days. So far ahead of where they were when I last tried.

@chris i don't use them much outside of macOS, but i like that a pretty good office suite is bundled with the OS.

@thor I hadn’t used them much on Mac in years. There isn’t much of an alternative for iPad though and I was a bit scared they would be rubbish. I’ve been pleasantly surprised though

@chris there are things i can do in Numbers that i can't recall Excel or LibreCalc ever being able to do, such as actual page layouts with multiple tables and text boxes.

@thor Interesting. I think that’s the first time I’ve heard someone say that outside of Keynote. I don’t have a lot of data in numbers but it is my most used app. I guess I need to play with it a bit more

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