The idea that we "should not regulate" something is such bullshit. Everything is regulated. We make a choice, as a society, as to whom regulation favors. Choosing not to regulate a company/industry/etc is very much a choice of regulation in favor of that industry.

@chris when an industry pushes for "not being regulated", it should be a bargain: "sure, no problemo, but the government also stops enforcing your contracts, courts are no longer available to you as a means of solving disputes, the police is no longer going to investigate any crimes *against* you, and you ain't getting any government contracts/subsidies".

@rysiek But then what would the parties of "I got mine, fuck you" (if you're in the US anyway) have to fight for?

@rysiek So true. Just had to listen to someone rant in Slack about how unfair regulation is for social media and it definitely triggered me :/

@rysiek @chris then they would make their own private police/army, and become a para-state organization, a.k.a. a mafia. Or a citizen of one of those.

@chris obfuscating the true conditions of social / economic / political affairs is a key technique to keep and defend the status-quo

a clever trick (that is played again and again) is to associate any and all regulation with bureucratic red tape (that everyone exposed to loathes)

To be fair, the government will only regulate something when the government sees an opportunity for itself to benefit from the regulation.

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