@mur2501 ha. December will mark 10 years since I finished a masters degree in computer science… I spent way too much time today going down the rabbit hole of obscure protocols like BGP that I had completely forgotten existed

I think I stumbled upon BGP some 2 months ago.
It's a protocol and like any protocol or standard it's verbose, huge and complicated.

It's endianess war afterall
(crack from the big end or the little end?)
protocols aren't much technical logic rather they r just rules to keep everyone on the same page.
Just like how natural legal systems evolves protocols do so too, with the aim to add new functionalities while trying not to break any existing rules and hence adding more rules to fit the rule framework tighter.
One day the human breaks the chain of law, hence we lay down silent as protocols break one after another.

@calcifer @feonixrift perfect! Well, might need more spice for October though 😂🤣

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