@chris hey man I'm curious, why did you decide to run your own mastoson instance instead of joining an existing one?

@obsolete29 I tried a few instances and found many could be just as toxic as big sites like Twitter or they would just go away. This allows me full control of my own data as well as the ability to avoid the problems that I had when trying out other instances.

@chris his do you host your instance? Do you pay hosting service or did you setup in a vps or something else?


@obsolete29 I did host it in a VPS for a while but it was a pain to manage. Been with masto.host/ since early last year or so.

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@chris @obsolete29 I also opted for Masto.host after trying to fully self-host. Running my own instance to me is the logical endpoint of decentralisation. Big instances imo are just smaller silos with even less accountability than bigtech, however well intentioned they may be/start. As a 1 person instance I never have any moderation issues.

@ton and $7/month feels like a good price too. It's $5 to get a vps from the vps provider I use. $2 to manage my mastodon instance?? yes please. @chris

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