A Great Big Planet… and Nowhere To Go
The other day I wrote about our first home in Carbondale, the one place I've lived that ever really felt like home. It has me contemplating what is next for us. Can we ever find a place that feels like home again?

It's not secret that I'm not happy living in Florida. After almost seven years it is still better than Texas, but that really isn't saying much.

The problem is,


Enjoyed reading the post. What about language? Do you need to be in a place where English is the most common language?

@zigpress I would be more than willing to learn something else. I've slowly been working on German for about 3 years myself.

OK, well I'm not a big city person, but I've visited Rome at least 8 times for both business and pleasure and I would relish the chance to spend a year or two there. Lots going on, lots of public transport, the literal cradle of European civilisation, etc, etc. Italian is easier than German too.

I love Paris too but it doesn't grab my imagination like Rome.

@zigpress Rome is definitely a possibility. I'm really hoping to spend some time over the next year or two exploring to find the right place.

@jle I think Europe is our most-likely destination. Biggest issue with it is my wife isn't fond of any place that gets below 20C at night.

@chris Maybe Portugal, Spain, Italy or Greece? But there it's quite hot in the summer.

@jle We'll see. Need to do some visiting. We're currently in Florida so it won't take much for better summer weather

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