My home and code server now has 2 TB of SSD storage and 16 GB of RAM. While I’ll be using the storage for backups, etc., I’m not quite sure what I can use the 16 GB of RAM for yet. What else can I run besides Home Assistant, AdGuard Home, Drone and Tailscale? I still have my VPS running my websites, Miniflux, Bitwarden, Firefox Sync Server, RSS-Bridge, Firefly III, Nitter and Gitea. 🤔

@chris Yes, I moved my Drone CI runner from the VPS to this. But my personal projects are just Go programs and those compile really fast. 😄

@jle Ha! I do a lot in Go too but still had some serious pipelines on some of them. Jest and Go are great but... so much power, lol

@jle Curious to here what you wind up with. I have a maxed-out Synology DS 918+ I need to find a use for besides local machine backup

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Chris Wiegman

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