I loved Pop!_OS when I was on it but… damn this feud they’re having with Gnome… It reminds me that all companies suck.

I’d love to go back to Linux at some point, the UX of Pop & Android was so much better than Mac and iOS but… ugh

@chris its pretty confusing, I have a tendency to dislike GNOME and I do feel there are some things said that have been taken out of context from both sides.

I'll just stick to distros that keep it simple, and my tiling window manager

@arh I’m back on Mac for what I’m hoping will be a temporary stint.

@chris I hope it's temporary too. Come back to our world soon. Hopefully with a more freedom-respecting distro.

@arh That’s the plan. I had promised my parents earlier this year I would give Mac another shot as I was causing some issues with the family (parents are almost 80 and get FaceTime and all but not all the new stuff I was trying). Plan is to use a Mac to setup a more sustainable self-hosted stack and then give it another shot.

@chris There is a feud? Amazed and also very happy, how many flame wars pass me by.

Do you have a link as I'm interested to read about the root of the problem. But when I search for 'popos gnome feud,' I get links to the top 10 worst Popes in history...

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