I’ve enjoyed Plausible Analytics but it was missing a few things. As a result I’ve moved back to Jetpack’s Stats for my site.

@selea @chris thanks for sharing and the feedback! yeah Chris has mentioned the individual post stats in the WP top bar. we plan to add it. it's already merged ( we just need couple more features before the next version of the plugin is ready to go. we'd like to add a WP widget too in the future. we're a small team with limited development resources so things take time

@plausible @selea Thank you!

@selea, yes. I’ve talked to them. I don’t mean the switch to show their product is bad at all. It just isn’t right for this site right now. I will be happily recommending them often in the future.

@plausible @selea Also, thank you for merging that. With tighter WP integration I might just give it a shot again in the future!

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