I’ve been remote for over 8 years and spent most of that time making my office as efficient as possible. The room itself, though, is also my escape room. What are your best suggestions for making it as comfortable as possible too?

@chris I like to keep walkable space in the centre as large as possible, so that it's easy to get up and spend say a pomodoro break on foot.

a bird feeder near the window may be cool, I love leaving rice on the window sill so that I get some lovely chirping.

@cadadr Ooohhh I like the bird feeder idea. We have lots of neat birds around here and I have the perfect tree for it right outside my window

@chris excellent question. I have the same setup - a room that is my home office and also a personal retreat, of sorts. I have experimented with many different configurations and still not sure what is the best. I just changed it up again. Before, I was doing work & personal computing at the same desk. Now I have a dedicated space for work only. I hope that reduces distraction and boosts productivity when I’m working, and reduces the temptation to work when I’m relaxing or doing non-work stuff.

@dallin The ability to separate sure is huge. For me I try to separate devices from work to personal use as I just don't have the space for it otherwise.

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