Today’s post was inspired by a similar post from my friend @kev the other day. In it I talk about my own experience with imposter syndrome and how I’m trying to use it these to my advantage these days.

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@kev Thanks! And thank you for the shout-out in your post as well!

@chris @kev two good reads! Makes me remember a coaching session a few years back where the coach asked me to actually list things I'm good at. I drew a complete blank. Switching to the perspective of a client I could explain what they got out of working with me, but none of it I'd tie to me being expert at something, let alone say out loud. Probably need to write my own posting now about impostor syndrome.

Love this thread. One thing that could help you get un-blank, could be to reminisce yourself about an action you took and look at the way you did it. From that concrete example (instead of being general) you may see and discover some of what you're good at. But a list is too narrow i feel.
@chris @kev

@chris @kev
I am still reading your post but there is some css shenanigans going on here when zooming out in my phone

@joel @kev Oh damn. Thanks for the heads up. Bookmarking this post so I can try to fix it this weekend!

@joel What kind of phone do you have? I'm finally trying to fix this today and cannot seem to reproduce it. @kev

@chris @kev it's probably a browser problem. I am using bromite tho, which is chromium based

@joel @kev Damn. Gotcha. I was testing in FF and Safari which might explain it

@chris @kev wait it happens on duckduckgo and firefox too. I have an Android phone

@joel @kev Hmm... I guess I need to keep playing then. Just a zoomed out text setting?

@chris @kev no, It originally looks like this. The problem is not the text but the picture is too big

@joel @kev Ah, gotcha. About to release that bug fix this morning. That helps a LOT. Thank you!

@chris Super read and gosh i feel you. I have been looking into this myself, but I have wondered if the issue has been to compare myself to others thanks to "great" education that needs us to go against the others.
What I'm doing is to help ppl to understand and reveal their own unique resources so that they reconnect to their own brilliance.
Which might help them with the impostor syndrom... @kev

@chris Just a thought but maybe your interests can be expressed in a way that will take out the impostor syndrom and that will be unique to you...

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