For years, I was in the top 50 users by karma on Hacker News.

That ended in 2020, when I complained about how silent the site was being on the murder of George Floyd. The result was a pile of angry messages telling me that it was "just a tech site" and its operators should "keep politics out of it."

When a community tells you who they are, believe them.

Birdsite Link; holocaust; data collection 

see above 👆

@chris @jalefkowit

Birdsite Link; holocaust; data collection 

@rgegriff @chris If you are interested in this subject, Edwin Black's 2001 Book "IBM and the Holocaust" is also worth your attention. It documents how IBM worked with the Nazi government to employ its tabulating machines in maximizing the efficiency of the Nazi project of ethnic cleansing.


Birdsite Link; holocaust; data collection 

@jalefkowit @rgegriff That's one of few non-fiction books I've read multiple times and would recommend it to anyone in tech. Thanks for sharing!

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