Going to try recording a video for an upcoming post. Already signed up for DeScript and Vimeo (won't post without transcripts and Vimeo seems less evil than Google as I don't want to open a personal account with the latter). Anything I'm missing to post a solid, accessible video that won’t track (or as minimal as possible) if you watch it?

@chris Instead of Vimeo checkout, they offer video hosting as well.

@chris IIRC Fosstodon uses as a CDN. I use it for my blog media files as well.

@chris I just wanted to shout out Descript has saved me SO MUCH time...I love that software so much.

@chris I haven't used it, but we've been putting a lot of work recently into VideoPress. It's tied into Jetpack for now, but likely have a standalone variant in the near-ish future. Not sure if it checks the boxes you're looking to check.

@kraft I might consider it if it can be used outside of Jetpack but, for now, my Dashboard is nice and fast after removing JP and I don’t want to reverse that.

@chris Understood. We've fixed some of the things we could find after looking at your initial reports but were never able to replicate the incredible difference you were reporting.

@kraft right on. I do appreciate the effort but the difference was so stark, for features I really don’t need, that it just doesn’t make sense to try it again.

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