OK, : What would be the advantage of adding ActivityPup to my WP site? I get the tech and all but I can't really see a reason for it other than to play around with it.

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I should add that, if I don't add it (there's no real advantage to it) my other plan is to publish the WordPress site statically instead which, I think, might be a bit better over the long term.

@chris: Others could subscribe to your site using and get a message in their timeline each time you post to your blog.

@ramsey I post 99% of my posts to this account so I'm not certain if that would actually be helpful to anyone?

@chris Since your blog post would also effectively be the timeline entity, then likes, shares, and replies would automatically go on the post on your blog.

@chris I'm not sure if this is how the WP plugin behaves, tbh, but this is why you might want to implement ActivityPub on your blog.

@ramsey This is fine. I hadn't thought of the likes/etc. Definitely food for thought.

@chris Couple it with Webmentions, and anytime someone posts a link to your blog post, you'd get a Webmention posted on your site.

Of course, wherever they post the link would need to also implement Webmentions.

@ramsey I've played with plenty of Indieweb stuff in the past but, TBH, I've always avoided webmentions for the same reason I've removed comments. I now push the conversations to social like this so... maybe that alone would be worth it…

But also, making the site static would be pretty sweet so... :/

@chris I don't know how you'd do any of this with a static website.

@ramsey I wouldn't. That's what I'm trying to decide. Is it better to decouple the front-end and make it static or to to add extra features like federation. I'm honestly leaning towards the former at this point.

@chris Fair enough. I'm migrating from a static site to a dynamic site so I can implement things like this. 😃

@ramsey I get that. I came back to WP from Hugo about 2 years ago in part for the ability to really manage lots of content ( That alone as I move my talks, books, etc into my site have made it worth it for me. The front-end, though, really just is static and I think I can do better on performance and all without spinning up PHP for everything

@chris People can share your Posts here in the native way and comment using their Fedi accounts.

@chris others could subscribe to the site natively using Mastodon or another ActivityPub service. I think it’s still a little funky from a discovery and grok-ability standpoint, though. When I considered doing this, I ultimately decided to just setup an account for the site instead and auto-post to it — @initialcharge

@mike @initialcharge Having it's own account and autoposting honestly sounds like a better approach to me in most instances. Thanks for the feedback!

@chris Well your blog posts would be federated on most fediverse instances. Beside that you will attract more visitors you will also create huge amount of backlinks which boost your SEO rankings on search engines, domain authority and more.... I turned all my #WordPress blogs into fediverse instances and specially creating #FediPress community on If #ActivityPub plugin get updated regularely, there could be much more benefits

@abid Definitely interested. Bookmarking there as well. Thank you.

@chris People on fedi would be able to follow and see updates on your WP site, leave comments, etc...

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