So, for whatever reason, gpg-suite on my personal Mac is giving me hell this morning (crashes when I open the key manager). I give up. Just removed it and replaced it with gnupg and pinentry-mac. No more signing emails (not that anyone will notice)

This may sound trivial to most but I've been signing my email for, probably 20-25 years off and on and consistently since around 2007 or so. It's going to feel really weird sending an email without entering the pin to unlock my Yubikey

@rysiek @sequoiapgp I agree. Thanks for the links. I hadn't looked for something like this in a very long time. Bookmarking to catch up.

@chris I now just use mutt on both Linux and Mac (installing via nix on the latter)

Not sure it will work with a YubiKey - my key is just on the device - but with mutt I can gpg encrypt my mail passwords too which is neat

@michel_slm I've never tried Mutt. If someone actually sent me something encrypted (it's happened exactly twice in all the years I've signed email) I can just decrypt via command line. I started using iCloud's hosted domains last fall after testing it for my parents and it's good enough for me at this point.

@chris Was there an update at some point that turned the mail integration into a paid feature? I seem to remember uninstalling it as I didn’t use it enough to justify the cost.

@bill Yes. A few years back (couldn't tell you when as it was while I was on Linux full-time) made it paid. It was supposed to mean that new versions were available when the new OS is released but it hasn't kept up.

@chris I wonder if Apple made it harder to keep the current integration approach when they introduced extensions for Mail. It did at least appear as though the extensions API was designed with this use case in mind. Maybe the demand just fell away.

@bill I would bet that's a lot of it. I know they've had to do considerable work every year to make it work with the year's new version. I would bet a lot of people walked away when they realized they would have to pay for that work.

For what it's worth, it's worked for me for a long time... After twice having people question the signature attachment just this past week, and it's failure today, I just don't see a reason to keep trying anymore.

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