If you ever feel dumb just remember there are people buying short male to male extension cords to plug their gas generators into an outlet in their home.

@chris @eggfreckles shut off the mains, plug in one end of the cable to end outside outlet and one to the generator, and start the generator. Survive the ice storm. Do not unplug either end of the cable until the generator is off.

@eggfreckles sounds like you’re using a longer cord in an emergency and know how to handle electricity. The Amazon story got me as, every summer storm, our news has stories of people taking the generators inside and using these short cords and winding up electrocuted, suffocated or burning down their house.

@chris I thought this was related to electric cars for some reason. Bit why would people do that

@joel In some ways, at least around here, I get why they would. If you're barely living paycheck to paycheck anyway and a storm knocks out your fridge replacing all that food could be a real challenge. Then they borrow a generator and think they're hooking it up on the cheap. It's really, really dumb but I get what would motivate folks to do so.

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