Next week I’ll be speaking at WP Engine’s Summit on optimizing WooCommerce sites. It’s a free event so register at

I setup my new Dygma Raise keyboard yesterday. While it absolutely needs a tenting kit (which they keep promising, but not delivering), nevertheless it is far more at home on my desk than the keyboard it replaced. Taking some time to get used to it today before work next week.

I’ve walked 407,000 steps this month. That’s the most since I first got a Fitbit in 2012

Now that we’re fully vaccinated we met friends for dinner for the first time in 14 months and it was wonderful.

Looking at selling my Oryx Pro. Just don’t have a use for it. Works great, looks almost brand new and has 3 chargers. Anyone interested?

Not only does he hog our bed at night but, whenever we go for a walk, he steals my chair too.

Static sites are great, but they're not for everyone. If you're using them because WordPress is too heavy here's proof that you can fix your WordPress theme. This is from my own WP site with a homepage that weighs a whopping 25kb (compressed). Theme at

Will round two of the weather make it to Sarasota or will it fizzle out first?

I feel like my German is getting better as I plot with friends.

I’m not doing too bad at this Apple Fitness challenge this week.

My site made the Green Team at This is one website accomplishment I'm pretty proud of, especially after moving back to WordPress.

I'm wondering why I haven't slept well this week... this is the indoor air temp over the last few days. Ugh.

Here's the longer history of initial jobless claims from showing just how bad the current numbers are.

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