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Only a few sponsorship slots left for @WordCampOrlando@twitter.com who wants them?

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@allie_nimmons@twitter.com giving great tips on automation and overwhelm. @GoDaddy@twitter.com

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Disturbance approaching the Bahamas will deal with dry air and wind shear so development is unlikely. Strong cold front coming into the Carolinas (the bigger story!) will keep it away from us.

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The last remaining Victory Garden, still active. .

Dude down the block has had a mobile detailer working on his car for at least 4 hours. They're still there as the storm rolls in.

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Q: Describe Twitter to someone who has never used it.


Watching @sillygrampy@twitter.com talk about permisionless software at . Excelent talk from a non US point of view.

"Passion lead us here." - @mysweetcate@twitter.com

I love this and I need to remember it more.

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Further to the @Uber@twitter.com debacle... as a reminder we saw over $2k in fraud from Ukraine on our account. Uber locked out 10 of our employees in response. They have now responded by permanently banning @wordfence@twitter.com Chief Operating Officer. She received this email a few mins ago.

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Interested in all the things @wpengine@twitter.com is doing lately? Then be sure to check out our latest episode where we talked to @ChrisWiegman@twitter.com about their DevKit project and what it means for development. Listen and don't forget to share at buff.ly/2N8EIlO

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