After 10 years of annual “uses” posts I finally broke down and added a proper “uses” page to my site this week.

If you want a rabbit hole to go down this weekend, checkout for more pages like this (this is where the screenshot comes from).

It is way too early for this shit. That would be a strong cat 2 hitting around Port Charlotte a week from Tuesday. So far the GFS is the only model showing anything like this but it’s a hell of a reminder that another active season is about to start.

She is stalking my lunch from her favorite box, which is on the same table because… cats.

These three think they own the living room.

Narrator: they do own the living room.

What’s better than 1 box for a cat? 4 nested boxes. I don’t think she will ever leave my office.

We’ve called these ducks the “fence ducks” for a while now. We see them on this stretch of fence about this time every year.

Saw the woodpecker really working hard on this tree this morning. Took me a minute as I usually don’t see them this close to the ground

I hit 365 posts on my site today. It took 14 years, but I'll take it. Once every two weeks doesn't really sound all that bad in the big scheme of things.

Chris Wiegman

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