A WordPress site doesn't have to be any more bloated than a site on any other platform.

I'm getting happier with my workspace. Lots of stuff to clean out but, it's getting better.

(inbox cat for scale)

We live within walking distance of the beach yet we hadn't been there in over a year. Decided to make it the destination for our morning walk today. It was the right choice.

I really don't miss trying to make a living as a pilot, but I do miss the view from the office and I really hope to be able to do it again part-time before too long.

This keeps showing up in models in, now just under 2 weeks. If true it is a major hurricane going right over our home.

Maybe we'll luck out here again? I know this is long range. Extreme anxiety triggers SUCK

This forecast is looking a lot better than it did even over the weekend. Looks like hitting my step goal might actually be possible this week!

(now if only the temperatures weren't so miserable but... eh, still beats the alternative)

Another add-on as I've moved my site back into WordPress is Wordfence Premium. I trust the people behind it like few others.

Just got back from a drive. Missed a tornado at the house. Made a mess of our yard and some trees. Only damage looks to be a cut in the siding from a falling branch. It did shear off almost the whole north side of the 100' pine in our front yard.

I'm doing some work playing around with Collabora and Nextcloud this morning and this is great! Really does seem to be the best of online and offline office suites without the privacy and other issues of MS Office or the limitations of Apple's offerings.

They've been working on burying our power lines since mid march or so. Finally hooking up the house today. Sucks the power will be out for a bit buy better than out for a week during a hurricane.

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Extracted the firmware from my cloud connected oven. It’s literally just a Jabber chat service that you send messages to the oven through. It’s not anywhere near sane or secure. You can mitm the firmware update... :-(

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🤔 Lincoln Financial may not hire you for their software developer position if they don't like your political contributions?



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