Tomorrow is the official peak of the Atlantic hurricane season. If this GFS forecast is right then we're definitely not out of the woods yet in Florida.

We wanted to leave the house so we stopped off at the McDonald’s drive through for milkshakes and got this bonus hood ornament

According to radar we’re getting some of the far outer bands here right now and… damn that is heavy rain!

This is becoming a very normal pattern in the forecasts this year (though this storm is definitely forecast to be more powerful than what we've seen so far).

We're supposed to travel in 2 weeks. Between COVID and, if this forecast holds, that is looking less and less likely.

Damn. This is just gross. This isn’t something to be celebrated. It is a complete and total failure that needs to be treated as such.

What they mean by “nothing like this ever happens again” is that no one outside their party should hold any public office again and they’re writing the laws to make sure that happens.
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Lindell's promised evidence that the 2020 election was rigged never materialized, but his conference is still ending with a succession of state legislators talking about how important it is to make sure nothing like this ever happens again…

I’ll take “what does racism look like in 2021”
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The COVID surge in Texas is largely driven by unvaccinated Americans — but there's growing concern the migrant crisis may be complicating the issue.

@cbsmireya got exclusive access to one temporary emergency shelter, set up to test and treat migrants who have COVID.

We are right near the center of the cone again this weekend. Ugh

Life goals
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Last night I went to see a guy who has a pub in his shed and it’s without doubt the best pub I’ve ever been in!

The sad thing about this horrible take is, according to most privacy wonks’ analysis, once again projection. It is LGBTQ and other marganilized groups that are at risk from this by conservative authoritarians in places like turkey, Hungary and others.
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I agree the technology can be used for other reasons, but this is just paranoia. (Gab)

So yesterday’s lesson was that you need to be careful if you buy your own modem for Xfinity. Our 2 year old Netgear CM1000 is no longer supported (though on other lists it still says it is) and we had to buy a new one.

Next week I’ll be speaking at WP Engine’s Summit on optimizing WooCommerce sites. It’s a free event so register at

I setup my new Dygma Raise keyboard yesterday. While it absolutely needs a tenting kit (which they keep promising, but not delivering), nevertheless it is far more at home on my desk than the keyboard it replaced. Taking some time to get used to it today before work next week.

I’ve walked 407,000 steps this month. That’s the most since I first got a Fitbit in 2012

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