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A very happy Kookaburra photobombing the perfect view in Australia..

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Not a developer but want to work in tech or more specifically in WordPress? @mysweetcate@twitter.com shares some potential jobs and areas of interest to check out!

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Where, oh where to lay your sleepy head come WordCampJax 6/29-30? Sponsor hotel Aloft Jax Tapestry Park has hotel rooms for WordCampers at $109/room/nite till sellout or until 6/10, whichever's first. Sleep tight! 2019.jacksonville.wordcamp.org Aloft Tapestry Park

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Here’s the full-length, first-ever, look at Minecraft Earth! Discover how the reality-bending, world-blending power of AR bring blocks to life! Armed with just your phone and your creativity, you now have the power to Minecraft your world.

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Every time a cat gets the crazies, prepare for the worst..

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I wrote this in 2008. I only wish more people had read and acted on it.

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Congrats to WP Engine CMO @maryedugan@twitter.com for being inducted into the @dmnews@twitter.com !

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Want to join our team? Our support contractor is hiring a writer/editor (our amazing @andresdavid@twitter.com has been poached from us by the NASA Social Media team). Application info here: go.nasa.gov/2Q6EPMq

I was worried that I would need a bigger drive on my personal machine as I use it for more than my work machine. While I do use more of the drive on this one, I think 256GB was still plenty.

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There's an interesting challenge that comes if you want to configure multiple coding standards with PHPCS. tommcfarlin.com/multiple-codin

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