The Travel I Dream of The Most
Before COVID I travelled a lot. While it isn't even part of my job description I was on the road over 4 months in 2019 alone. It was fun, I won't say otherwise, but being home makes me realize it isn't a life I hope to go back to.

These past few weeks I've been writing a lot about the concept of home, but where we've been and where we would like to move. I've commented a lot about why we're

Please Stop Hiding wp-admin
Once upon a time the security of a WordPress site could be improved by simply moving the login page.

Those were simpler days. The REST API wasn't part of WordPress core and WordPress itself was a much smaller part of the internet and, as a result, a much smaller target for attackers than it is now.

I even wrote one of the better implementations to hide the WordPress login page as part of, f

Privacy or Accessibility… Most People Can’t Have Both
I spend a lot of time talking to people about two major issues in tech, accessibility and privacy. Over the years I find these conversations to be some of the saddest in all of tech as, for the most part, the most accessible solutions are not the most private solutions. This doesn't have to be.

How we got here?

For years the folks interested

Announcing Atlas Content Modeler
This past Monday my team released the results of six months of work on our latest project. It's a WordPress plugin called Atlas Content Modeler that makes it easy to model data in a way that is designed to be friendly to both publishers and developers while being geared, first, to headless WordPress sites.

This is exciting for me. It's the first new WordPress plugin I've been a part

The other night I noticed that the first house Joy and I bought together is for sale again. Seeing that brings back so many good memories of the one house we've lived in together that really felt like home to me.

The house itself wasn't much. It was built in 1951 and had 758 square feet spread across two bedrooms and a small bathroom. There was a tiny yard, a small garage and the fridge didn't even fit in the kitchen, but it was o

Opening Common WordPress Tools with Makefile
This summer I've talked about automating WordPress development with Make and gave a few ideas for Make targets to get you started. Today I want to add a few more Make targets to that list.

Two of the most common tasks I need to do when working with a few sites locally is to open them in my browser (URLs can get confusing when you have a few sites going) and openin

Tomorrow is the official peak of the Atlantic hurricane season. If this GFS forecast is right then we're definitely not out of the woods yet in Florida.

We wanted to leave the house so we stopped off at the McDonald’s drive through for milkshakes and got this bonus hood ornament

According to radar we’re getting some of the far outer bands here right now and… damn that is heavy rain!

This is becoming a very normal pattern in the forecasts this year (though this storm is definitely forecast to be more powerful than what we've seen so far).

We're supposed to travel in 2 weeks. Between COVID and, if this forecast holds, that is looking less and less likely.

Damn. This is just gross. This isn’t something to be celebrated. It is a complete and total failure that needs to be treated as such.

What they mean by “nothing like this ever happens again” is that no one outside their party should hold any public office again and they’re writing the laws to make sure that happens.
RT @bradheath
Lindell's promised evidence that the 2020 election was rigged never materialized, but his conference is still ending with a succession of state legislators talking about how important it is to make sure nothing like this ever happens again…

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