@thor yes. If the forecast holds it will far surpass the worst storm the area has seen in recorded history.

Physically we’re safe. We’re at a friends until Saturday and then we will go home if we still have one or to my parents in Chicago if we don’t. We really have no idea but, for a number of reasons, it doesn’t look good. Emotionally I’m not OK at all. I’ll see y’all on the other side.

Ian is officially a hurricane and a hurricane watch has been issued for Sarasota.

Packing up to get away from this house for the storm and... it's amazing how many clothes I bought in the last 2 years that I've never worn... always saving them for a "special occasion.”

Yeah, that's the stuff I'm taking (we're talking nice jeans, t-shirts, a few button-down shirts, etc, not suits or anything like that). My mother has always hoarded clothes. I'm annoyed that the pandemic got me starting it.

@freakazoid Not facebook related but I'm glad to hear those readers are easier to get going these days. Never could make it work on my Oryp4

Three things are hard in computer science:
0. Off-by-one errors
3. Concurrent
1. Naming things processing
2. Cache invalidation

@dctrud ouch. I feel your pain. If I can ever get out of Florida I’ll suffer the same.

@ericphelps thanks. I had hoped it was something creative when we first found it but no such luck. Due to a few projects we learned what is underneath is far worse.

That’s before even getting into the other questionable choices they made.

We bought the place sight-unseen and I don’t have to think about it often but, when a storm comes, the realization hits like a brick. It just was t built for a storm.

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The addition on my house is from 1983 but, seriously, whomeever built it was an idiot. It’s cheap frame with out so much as ever even taping the drywall. How it’s still standing is a miracle without a major storm (to the best we can tell it’s never had > cat 1 winds).

Our local gas station is out of gas and a few homes boarding up already on our walk this morning. Saw 4 cars pull through looking for gas just as we walked by

I really picked poorly when we moved here for someone with extreme anxiety. Storms didn’t worry me as a kid. I’m already down 5lbs this past week due to being sick from anxiety.

Celestial objects to scale in size, rotation speed and tilt - Dr James O'Donoghue

One thing I’m starting to come to terms with is that, even as a well paid tech worker, finding a home in the heart of a big city, much less a major one, is almost impossible anymore.

Thing with WordPress nowadays is that we’ve now got blocks, reusable blocks, custom blocks, and block patterns, but also block styles, block variations, block templates, (theme) templates, and template parts. And they’re _different things_. (Also, [custom] text formats, block transforms, `theme.json` and `block.json`, server-side rendering, hybrid themes, and more.) And I haven’t even looked at React/JSX, yet.



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