I’m not used to being around many people so I had forgotten just how draining it is for me.

For the first time in a long time my office is actually complete so I did a post on it. chriswiegman.com/2021/11/my-of

An early Thanksgiving post is what I had on tap for today. Here’s to hoping all y’all have a great holiday! chriswiegman.com/2021/11/happy

@obsolete29 Great post on the your “temporary truce” this morning. Thank you for sharing.

Reading both @ndanes and @kev ‘s latest posts this morning was a good reminder in just how thoroughly fucked all tech is.

WordFest Live’s call for speakers is still open and we need your pitches. You do have a story to tell and it doesn’t matter if that story is technical, beginner level, advanced or anything else. It’s valid. Submit it here and tell the world. wordfest.live/2022/march/call-

My company is still hiring for the engineering roles listed on this toot hackers.town/@pixelpaperyarn/1

Please pass along to anyone who might be interested. This company is a fucking unicorn in this industry. Kindness makes a comeback with the skillz to pay the billz.

#hiringnow #getfedihired #pleaseboost

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@plausible @selea Also, thank you for merging that. With tighter WP integration I might just give it a shot again in the future!

@plausible @selea Thank you!

@selea, yes. I’ve talked to them. I don’t mean the switch to show their product is bad at all. It just isn’t right for this site right now. I will be happily recommending them often in the future.

I’ve enjoyed Plausible Analytics but it was missing a few things. As a result I’ve moved back to Jetpack’s WordPress.com Stats for my site. chriswiegman.com/2021/11/back-

Today’s post reflects on my thoughts about using Gutenberg almost 3 years after it entered WordPress core. chriswiegman.com/2021/11/makin

@pmj decoupled might be another term. Wordpress to manage content and a JS front end hosted wherever you want it.

It’s amazing how many browser tabs, docker containers and other random shit I can have running at the same time on this new Mac without noticing any slowdown or even ever hearing the fan.

Like building JavaScript? Want to help drive the future of headless WordPress? We're hiring a tech lead to lead Faust.js, our headless WordPress framework. Apply at the link below. wpengine.wd1.myworkdayjobs.com

WordPress is just software, and that’s OK. My thoughts on WordPress the software vs WordPress the community. chriswiegman.com/2021/11/wordp

Ugh. The booster yesterday is kicking my ass today. I don’t think there is a vaccine or medicine that doesn’t knock me out for at least a day afterwards.

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