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I remember leaving my first WordCamp conference thinking "wow, maybe there is kindness in tech after all." This year's conference was no exception. Bravo, @WordCampBoston@twitter.com!

It's only 10am and, already, walking around the block for 10 minutes makes me feel like I just stepped out of a pool.

> "So I call the university IT helpline, and they send a kid, no older than me. He sits down at my computer and looks at it and says 'boy you've really screwed this thing up'"

> "Then, right in front of me, he logs onto my website and downloads Malwarebytes."


I've just seen someone I've blocked for a long time reply to one of my public posts.

Anyone know how is this possible? I thought blocking meant the blocked account couldn't see or reply to what I post?

(They're on a pleroma instance, I suspect they host it themselves.)

#Mastodon #Fediverse #Pleroma

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Want to take a look, or another look, at the slides from Working In WordPress talk? Find them here: Atypical.Ink/talks

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The options that they try to give are basically "Use everything in our ecosystem and only that", or "We'll wear you down for wanting to be online where we control everything."

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After switching to Firefox full time and deleting data on an unused Google account I have two issues:
- Having to do literally 7-8 visual reCAPTCHA's on sites that require them
- Google Home barely understands me

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My @WordCampBoston@twitter.com talk on automation tools are now online! allienimmons.com/wcbos-2019/

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Thanks for coming to my talk about Bash at everyone.
The slides live here:

Also, if you didn't hear, I am now available for consulting around processes, including git based workflow and better update strategies

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@allie_nimmons@twitter.com giving great tips on automation and overwhelm. @GoDaddy@twitter.com

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@ChrisWiegman@twitter.com Great, now entitled infants will make fun of all the babies not wearing smart diapers.

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“Modern smartphone camera starts taking photos as soon as you open it. When you tap ‘take a photo’ button, the photo has actually already been taken, and the camera is just using the last picture from the buffer.” —@vas3kcom@twitter.com bit.ly/comp_photo via @katiehempenius@twitter.com

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If Apple threw its weight behind strong privacy protections, it would help counter pressure from other large tech companies to water down the legislation, EFF's @imck82@twitter.com said in the @washingtonpost@twitter.com. washingtonpost.com/technology/

A friend of mine, @JustinToCode@twitter.com, lost his gear working on storm pictures the other night. His photos are amazing and he could use your help getting back in business. justintophotos.com/camera-down

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"Google also listens to conversations that should never have been recorded, some of which contain sensitive information." There's a cut-throat war to dominate the virtual assistant market, and granting privacy means ceding ground in homes, cars and offices vrt.be/vrtnws/en/2019/07/10/go

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