If this capture is accurate it sure explains an awful lot about the orange pos' executive order regarding social media today. H/T @EFF

The easier barrier to entry that helped fuel WordPress' growth is gone. It has been replaced with something that serves as a very heavy gate for many.
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So, you want to learn how to build a WordPress block? Okay, but, first, you have to learn how to use React. In order to use React, though, you first have to learn how to use NodeJS.

@takeonrules HA! My background is PHP professionally (though I have an MS in Computer Science) and Go still through me off when I started with it. I love working in it though. Want to give Rust a try too. So many good tools for the right projects :D

@takeonrules So true. JavaScript seems like the ultimate example of this too.

On my last team I was tasked with building our own alternative to ngrok. Of course I picked Go (Rust and others would have worked) for multi-threading and other capabilities, hell, it's what actual ngrok is written in.

After months of planning it was scrubbed a weak after I started as a PM from another team insisted he do it all himself with node because... "everything should be node." Complete idiocy.

@takeonrules You're preaching to the choir, my friend. Yet we see this with so much in this space, not just react. Ugh.

@takeonrules Ha! I've already had someone suggest to me elsewhere that I should use React as a Yeoman replacement... Ugh... This is why we can't have nice things.

@takeonrules I'll give it a look. Haven't played with the Ruby ecosystem in quite a while but totally up to giving it a shot

@Eden Most of the rest, even drywall, windows, furnace, etc usually only lasts so long anyway and isn't all that hard to replace.

@Eden Ah, gotcha. That's interesting with inspections... Here the buyer hires one as part of the purchase process and you usually can't get a mortgage without it coming back satisfactory...

...That said, on something that age I would pay special attention to leaks in the foundation or any other big cracks/etc that could indicate a structural problem with the ability. Also watch electric and plumbing as replacing either can be very expeinsive.

@takeonrules That makes sense. I'm just looking for a good scaffolding tools for a repeatable and complete WordPress plugin generator. I've used Yeoman in the past but I hate the multiple dependencies of Node and Yeoman installed globally. Really hoping I can find an easy solution with a single binary without re-inventing the wheel.

Oh, look. Microsoft takes an open source project and rebrands it as a Microsoft project, totally screwing over its creator in the process. Legal? Yes. Moral? Fuck no.


Like oh yeah MS loves Linux and open source now, sure, but that's because they _won_. Free desktops are essentially zero in the market, even Mac OS isn't a viable option for a lot of people, and they successfully capitalize on that in extremely predatory ways

Case in point: This fucking bullshit, in which MS tramples an existing Linux project's trademark and, when this is brought to their attention, tell everyone to just calm down: medium.com/@probonopd/microsof

Fuck Microsoft. They take FOSS work, both technical and conceptual, without so much as attribution; they collaborate with the police and ICE; they destroyed the personal computing market almost singlehandedly.

@Eden I've owned 3 places. Make sure you trust the inspector if you're buying and be ready for problems appropriate for the age of the house. For example, a 10 year old roof will need replacement soon in many places, regardless of how good it looks.

The house I'm in now was built in 1961 and has had plenty of problems appropriate for its age. IF I did anything differently I would look for more recent updates that so I could have avoided them myself.

In wake of the death of George Floyd at the hands of police, an unjust murder by people hungry with power I just want to remind everyone this isnt the exception in the USA, it is the norm.

Each year we have dozens of innocent or non-violent criminals murdered by police with plenty of evidence and the police almost always get off with little or no punishment, certainly arent treated as the murderers they are. Here is an incomplete list of many of the people unjustly murdered by police in the USA with evidence to back it up and with no or little justice ever served:

Oscar Grant
Aiyana Jones
Mark Duggan
Kenneth Chamberlain Sr.
Anthony Lamar Smith
Ramarley Graham
Trayvon Martin
Rekia Boyd
Jordan Davis
Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams
Larry Jackson Jr.
Jonathan Ferrell
Renisha McBride

Dontre Hamilton
Eric Garner
John Crawford III
Michael Brown
Ezell Ford
Laquan McDonald
Akai Gurley
Tamir Rice
Antonio Martin
Jerame Reid

Natasha McKenna
Charley Leundeu Keunang
Tony Robinson
Anthony Hill
Meagan Hockaday
Eric Harris
Walter Scott
Freddie Gray
William Chapman
Jonathan Sanders
Sandra Bland
Samuel DuBose
Jeremy McDole
Corey Jones
Jamar Clark

Alton Sterling
Philando Castile
Joseph Mann
Abdirahman Abdi
Paul O'Neal
Korryn Gaines
Sylville Smith
Elijah Doughty
Terence Crutcher
Keith Lamont Scott
Alfred Olango
Deborah Danner

Jocques Clemmons
Jordan Edwards
Edson Da Costa
Rashan Charles
Patrick Harmon

Anthony Weber
Stephon Clark
Antwon Rose Jr.
Markeis McGlockton
Botham Jean
Jemel Roberson
EJ Bradford Jr.

Willie McCoy
Atatiana Jefferson

Ahmaud Arbery
Breonna Taylor
George Floyd

#GeorgeFloyd #uspol #FuckThePolice #justice #civilRights #CivilLiberties

Does anyone know of any good alternatives to Yeoman? Preferably something that doesn't rely on Node?

.@redcrew, this seems like it would be a neat place to go birding :D
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We thought that, given the lack of visitors, the Puffins might become a little more timid around us. Not so much.

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