@dsmatthews not arguing that one. As far as I’m concerned turning of a machine like that is also a fairly natural way to go. Just trying to process it all tonight. Definitely sad.

@dsmatthews yeah. He had been home bound with it for about 2 years. Sounds like he just decided he was done today and turned off his machine.

Ambulances pulled up next door a few min ago. Turns out our neighbor died. Really sorry to hear that. He was a good man. Been suffering from COPD since before we moved in but had seemed to be doing better. Definitely a sad day for our little neighborhood

@feld I’m getting to the point where I like the idea of writing physical letters more and more. Ugh too all tech :/

@feld oye. If I change my number again (twice in the last 6 years) my poor parents might lose their minds :/

@thumb you’re the 2nd person to recommend this. I’ve turned it on but I can’t deny this seems like a ridiculous workaround. Ugh.

Can anyone suggest a safe call screening service for iPhone? Since switching from android on Saturday I’m getting 2-3 spam calls per hour! Googles call screening might not have been private but as they had the rest of my phone data anyway I used it and it clearly worked well.

@thor eh, Linux updates aren’t so much a delay thing for me... at least not like dealing with my wife’s surface pro. I simply run a bash function once a day that keeps the Linux machine up to date.

@thor Ha! Fair. I forget that can be done on Mac as the only Mac I have is my work machine and it’s updated are managed by IT

Uspol, Political joke 

Why is the #NationalRifleAssociation filing for bankruptcy?

Because schools are closed


@kev Nice. I like the concept of the company and hope they figure it out... I look again every few months or so even... Just not workable for me right now. We'll see what happens

@kev Having to download another app because they don't know how to properly handle AppImage (and won't offer any better packaging) is a huge red-flag for me. Once installed it requires me to re-sync literally every time I log in from any device (always says there's a sync problem). Finally, trying to get their file-upload service to work has been a huge fail.

I even prepaid 5yrs of their service about a year ago but I've had so many issues that it just never worked for me.

Tonight's lesson... Nextcloud's contacts seem to be a bit delicate. Oye.

@zigpress Hmm. I hadn't even thought of that one. I'll check it out. Thank you!

@kev I've had lots of issues just trying to get it working. This morning was at least my 3rd attempt to want to like it and there were still too many issues. Wound up going with Simplenote for now as it is working well everywhere

Figured out my last Signal issue... Since switching I was missing a bunch of people... Turns out some of my Nextcloud contacts had issues and weren't syncing to my new phone.

To solve it I've moved all my contacts to iCloud, for now. Ugh.

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