After a year of not going anywhere I’m really excited for going out to dinner with Joy this weekend and taking a small trip next weekend. My birthday is Monday and it’s already looking much better than last year.

@danarel @ndanes I won’t deny that part of why I’m going back to Mac for my personal machine is the constant swapping between Mac and Pop_OS drove me crazy.

Next week I’ll be speaking at WP Engine’s Summit on optimizing WooCommerce sites. It’s a free event so register at

americans: "it's not our fault you elected bolsonaro"
the white house:

White House admits CIA involvement in “War on Corruption” which jailed Lula and elected Bolsonaro | Brasil Wire

This Mildred and Richard Loving. Their fight to be together is why interracial marriage is legal in the US and why June 12th is known as Loving Day. Check out the comments to learn their story.

cryptocurrency, whining-free zone 

Cryptocurrency Miners Force Changes to Free Tiers at Docker

What cryptocurrencies teach us is that greed at scale is unsustainable because folks will abuse everything they can to make a quick cryptobuck.

You can swear up-and-down that your cryptobucks is as pure as the driven snow, but the bad actors in your community are making that ring hollow.

Note: apologists will be ignored. Militant apologists will be blocked. Fuck this shit.

@progressivist_penguin @ademalsasa I had one of those Asus machines running Pop_OS. There were a few folks trying to write software for it but, when the machine died last Christmas, no one had anything useful. Most of what I found people working on I found on Reddit though.

Day 2 of sinuses problems kept me mostly in my chair all day. This is as bad as my spring sinus issues.

Like most things Apple, AirPlay is great in the right environment. Overall, though, it’s pretty bad when compared with Sonos where I can switch devices and all so easily.

@robertwgehl @cadadr I used to… then I moved to a company with lifesize instead and now zoom doesn’t seem too bad.

@thor yikes! That’s about what we pay at Disney, not in a city

I use a tool called TweetDelete that deletes my tweets once they become 6 months old.

Does a similar tool exist for Mastodon?

@djsundog I bought a chair from uplift desk a couple months back and it sure is amazing how much of a difference a good chair can make. Enjoy!

My early thoughts about trading in my laptop for an iPad. So far it’s gone far better than I would have otherwise expected.

@feld Oh nice! I haven't used it at an enterprise level... mostly to decouple smaller sites from their registrar's DNS or, at least in a few cases, for clients that wanted vanity DNS resolvers. They're definitely impressive at most levels though.

@yunohost is amazing because it greatly simplifies the process of self hosting for less technical users... without it I was never able to do it. There goal is to empower as many people as possible to host their own stuff by removing the barrier to entry:) Take a look at the amazing list of apps already available...simple one click installs amazing! Yunohost can run on a VPS, an old pc, or even a raspberrypi.

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