This weekend's goal: make progress on my site as I move the content back into WordPresa with 11ty on the front end.

There's no better illustration of the confusion between security and privacy (specifically anonymity) than watching the talk around VPNs

lol at all the techies proclaiming Chrome monoculture is bad while building system tools, desktop apps and everything else under the Sun in JavaScript

Do you need a reusable mask or two and can't afford one?

@Timothy has been getting pretty good at making them, and we just got some new fabric this week.

If you want one, DM to setup shipping for free. If you do have money to spare, we're suggesting donations to our local LGBTQ+ Youth Center.

#apple sues a small company with a pear logo.

Apple fanboys: they have to do this to defend their trademark.

Me: 🤦‍♂️

Further proof that #encryption helps protect your data - The Chinese government is now blocking TLS 1.3 and ESNI, which makes it harder to know certain domain information.

But, it's not just in #China that these things occur...

The US government is currently trying to weaken your ability to use encryption too. If you believe in a more private and secure #Internet, please speak out to your member of #Congress and share why #privacy matters to you.

PSA: The VSCode Marketplace ( is proprietary. If you develop a VSCode extension please release it on OpenVSX (


@elilla Well, if you finish turning the last item on your list into a cyborg, perhaps they can help?

Sorry, couldn't resist as when I saw that all I could think of was Superman 3 :D

Online tracking is constantly growing. If you want to stay safe, check out these alternatives to Google & Co: 😎

Very worthwhile thread. Shows that as a web dev, you should not make any assumptions and just make sure you comply with standards. If JAWS is in use, configurability is even greater. You can even have site-specific settings there. And Flexible Web can even hide parts of sites.
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I found the thread:

“I turn off the other nonsense such as bloc quote announcement. I turn off almost everything.”

Web devs, you have no control abou…

@benjancewicz Ugh. This was right near me and is one of a host of similar incidents around here lately. So disgusting

i'm not saying you excuse our behaviour if we fuck up but i'm saying don't instantly say 'oh this person's a bad person' because they're doing something bad and they don't know it. again if you feel you have no choice sure but the moment someone does something wrong you should pull them aside and be like 'hey, i don't like that you did or said this, please don't' instead of letting ppl make asses of themselves and then saying 'yeah, they're terrible.'

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i understand if you wanna block/mute whoever you want but consider telling the person what they're doing wrong especially if they're nd like. it can be super othering and sometimes us nds dont know if we're doing anything wrong and aren't looking to hurt anyone

Capitalist efficiency and tech

People say capitalism is efficient, yet Twitter has around 5,OOO employees while Mastodon was built pretty much single handedly by Eugene Rochko. Today, Mastodon provides a strictly superior user experience with only a handful of contributors.

I get frustrated when I see discussions among *developers* saying that Facebook shouldn't filter out certain content.

They already do! Every day. Every post they show you is fed through a biased algorithm. Facebook is far from neutral already.

They're banking on the fact that the average person (and congressperson for that matter) doesn't understand this.

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