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What's in your wallet?


An open S3 bucket and the world's dumbest "hacker"

Please reactivate Facebook thought-to-text input to maintain your free account

Thank you!

To log in, think about the refreshing taste of Coca Cola.

I'm sorry, that thought was off-brand. Please try again!

~ Computer security tips from the year 2035 ~

Never memorise the characters that comprise your password as this could be picked up by a nearby device with Facebook thought-to-text activated

Instead, focus on using muscle memory alone to hit the correct keys in the correct order

And yet the people least responsible for climate change will feel most of the consequences

I've realized my laptop has been correcting my spelling to UK spellings for at least a month. Hmmm....

If you had to recommend 10 accounts that Fediverse novices should follow, who would they be, and why should people follow them?

The Gilroy Garlic Fest Shooter Plugged a White Power Manifesto on Instagram

‘Might Is Right’ book dates from the late 1890s, but it’s become a staple in the white supremacist canon

Very fine people. 🙄

One great thing about a smaller town: people aren't in a hurry and you can relax at a restaurant or elsewhere. One bad thing... when you're in a hurry for lunch, forget about it.

We've still got tickets for WordCamp Orlando, and I want to see you there! Three days of hands on workshops and amazing speakers on topics including design, development, business management, SEO, marketing, and more!

can the "apple cares about your privacy" meme please stop

their actions are not reflecting it at all, they're just doing some clever PR without any real technical or social change

they're not decentralizing anything, they're still forcing their proprietary app store and push notification system onto users (with all the boundless terribleness that entails)

they're not allowing rooting(well, jailbreaking) out of the box

they seem to have no intention to truly give their customers any control over their device and with that any semblance of privacy

(do not read this as "Android is better", because that isn't what i said, that's just a whole different can of terribleness)

I know I'm guilty of expecting anything I "need" to solve a multitude of problems it has nothing to do with. Planners have been no exception. I think I've tried all of them and this post sums up the experience quite well.

Want to use your powers for evil? Here's the perfect job posting to do so.... if you can pass the credit check and other superficial requirements.

"There's no real consequences to all the data though" or "I like the manipulation [advertising]." No, most won't ever be in a position to suffer like this family, but many will.

It amazes me how much more content and concern I see out of the UK, as they prepare for national suicide with , than with the US with regards to . I would guess, at this point, about 80% of privacy content is from the UK, %10 from the EU and 10% from everywhere else. The US is going to lose in this arena and, no one cares. Even bringing it up is liable to get one laughed at.

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