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OMG!, this website is perfect for you!

#GMail is harmful to e-mail ecosystem; its antispam blocking policy matches too many valid messages as spam.

It blocked LastPass email leak warning email, because it contained "a link" to a leaked site.

It blocked an e-mail from goverment agency addressed directly to me.

It discriminates all non-gmail servers, and it's pretty much impossible to own a private SMTP server these days, because GMail will classify everything as spam.

It's not how e-mail should work.

Consider dropping GMail.

Every computer is portable if you're strong enough.

After switching to Nextcloud from Google Drive back in April I can now say that it has actually been better in nearly every way I use it. Seriously, it's pretty awesome. I haven't tried shared document editing as it isn't something I need but that option, and so many others, are there if I do.

Adding to companies that suck this week... Our no-frills gym raised the price over 50% without notice. Now it's more than the nicer gyms. Looks like I need to switch that too this week.

24 minutes to download a 50MB file. Thanks Comcast.

"The concept of all-remote is simple. You hire people not based on where they’re willing or able to relocate to, but on passion, drive, aptitude, and potential. "

-- Darren Murph of

If the number 666 is evil, then 25.8069758011 is the root of all evil.

Some older, inactive Mastodon accounts are being turned into spam accounts.

Every account I've checked has been in the database, i.e. the spammers are using breaches from other websites and randomly trying e-mail/password combinations to get access to those accounts, insert spam links in the bio and start following people.

An exceptionally simple defence against this happening to you is using two-factor authentication. Check your account settings to see how to enable it.

I wrote some of my thoughts about the decentralization of language on the web while reading 'Because Internet' by @gretchenmcc

Waiting for a release to complete is my new waiting for the build to compile. Thank God for Twitter while I wait :/

Of all the speakers I would see on the Highered Conf circuit, is still in the top 3 of most useful sessions. Hopefully I'll get to see her at an event again at some point.
I’m thrilled to be heading out to Chicago next week for the @DrKarlynB@twitter.comerence! I’ll be speaking on Wednesday about creating real employee engagement without spending a dime, and will also be at the 50 mo…

Normal is all relative to
Everyone who’s happy about Florida returning to normal after Dorian forgets that we are Florida, there is no normal.

It's the first of seven days of "Hi" I'm tagging to help me carry this forward.

The hurricane might not have made it this far west but the pressure change is enough to give me one hell of a sinus headache.

#bsides #lisbon CFP ends 15 September

CFP for:

- Presentation slots with a fixed duration of 45 minutes plus 10 minutes for Q&A.

- Presentation slots with a fixed duration of 20 minutes plus 5 minutes for Q&A.

- Workshop slots of 2 hours or 4 hours

November 28th and 29th at Auditorio FMD-UL

To register go to:


Rails 6 and Laravel 6 released 2 weeks apart. 🤔

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