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I think this tourist store at Disney was trying to tell me something. All things considered, it would know.

OK Jetbrains users... I have the "all products subscription" as I do projects in both PHP and GoLang (with the possibility of some python or ruby work). Is there any reason I shouldn't just drop to the intellij ultimate subscription? It seems to do everything.

Got a DM about the terminal in my Site.js Windows 10 toot. Sharing my response here in case it helps anyone else:

It’s PowerShell running under Windows Terminal ( with the "One Half Dark" color scheme and a black background.

To set it, press Ctrl+, to open profiles.json in Notepad, then, under the Powershell section, add:

// Make changes here to the powershell.exe prrofile

"background": "#000"
"colorScheme": "One Half Dark"

A truly excellent analogy
Someone asked me what it felt like to clean up a site littered with bad code and plugins.

I think I found the GIF.

For anyone who ever goes to Disney, per the new gondolas shall be known as "sky buckets"


I need to listen to more often. Finally (after a year) took his advice and tried intellij as 1 of my biggest issues with Jetbrains was projects with multiple code types. I think this is going to solve my problem. If not, I could always go back to VS Code

TIL: Clearing notifications on Tusky clears them on the web as well. Doh

So... Ireland is looking at a tropical storm/hurricane and The Netherlands is looking at a tropical depression. Stay safe, y'all!

When I log into Twitter and see +20 for notifications it is guaranteed that I'll miss at least one mention I should reply to. UGh.

Who needs sleep when you have a dog that is taking advantage of your partner not being home by audibly farting while taking up 1/2 the bed at 1am?

This is a great debate on the issues facing large projects by and From governance to and quite a few others, if you work in or software in general it is worth the listen.

Work stress sucks. It does help to be at a place where the company seems to get it though. Probably doesn't help that it has been affecting many people I work with. Trying to be more positive about it all though. I do love my job. I just don't always do great with uncertainty.
After a few weeks of serious stress, to the point where my stomach has started giving me issues, I feel like things are finally…

After a few weeks of serious stress, to the point where my stomach has started giving me issues, I feel like things are finally starting to settle down a bit.

Oye still. Falling behind this week. Sorry for those of you I owe messages too. Im working on catching up

This is fine
The gap between the richest and the poorest U.S. households is now the largest it's been in the past 50 years — despite the median U.S. income hitting a new record in 2018, according to new data from the U.S. Census Bureau.

If you are ever considering starting a non-profit on the Mastodon platform, DONT, here is why.

About a month ago I received a little less than a 10K donation to fund the QOTO effort (A space of distributed and federated services for open-source projects and project owners). The mastodon component is intended to be the social media aspect of that to replace the need for facebook or twitter accounts as a home for future software projects.

I reached out to the joinmastodon, the organization behind the Mastodon project, because I wanted to forward some of those donations to the mastodon coding efforts, as well as potentially offer additional donations to fund specific features on the mastodon to-do list, however after more than month of trying to reach the organization through e-mail as well as contacting @Gargron directly there has been nothing but complete silence.

This in turn has myself, as well as the donors, seriously dismayed about the future of the project. Unresponsiveness, particularly in the face of contribution or donations to a project, has myself and others worrying mastodon is a dead or dying software. At the very least it means bug fixes and other contributions never make it since contacting the team is a near impossibility.

I am now in the position of reaching out to the developers of competing ActivityPub software and seeing if we can use the donations to pay them to write a complete fork of mastodon, with my own contributions as well added on top.

What a mess, its such a shame that a project with so much potential is going to die because of rampant mismanagement. The in ability to even respond to basic email.

I hope I'm wrong but after a month of all communication channels being dead its time to reevaluate where to go from here... But it is clear mastodon is NOT a technology I recommend others adopt as part of any new project.

#fediverse #ActivityPub #Mastodon

I went to Publix for a soda this morning and came back with 3 salads, 2 pasta dinners, 5 bottles of good tea and swiss cheese for a snack.

No Soda.

This is a HUGE win for me.

“We are often sold a similar bill of goods: big tech companies talk incessantly about how ‘AI’ and digitization will bring a better future. In the present tense, however, putting computers everywhere is bad for most people. It enables advertisers, employers and cops to exercise more control over us – in addition to helping heat the planet.”

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