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"In the future there will be a world market for perhaps as many as three computers. One for Jeff Bezos, one for Mark Zuckerberg, and one for the Chinese Communist Party, a wholly owned subsidiary of Huawei-Alibaba. Everyone else will just have phones."

-- Abraham Lincoln, 1943

Can't juggle life and a conference? Join us online for "Modern Web Programming".
Dec 20, 2019

All attendees get DRM free videos to watch as many times as they like.

Hanging out where I went to college. Only. Posters I saw in dorm windows while walking though campus said "socialism sucks" and listened to students rant about communism and immigrants at two separate restaurants. When I attended here I was taught climate change is a myth in meteorology classes and all about the lost cause doctrine to the point where I thought they might have a point.

This is why I don't miss living here.

$8,478.07.... The cost if I were to go fully back into the Apple ecosystem today. (MBP, watch, phone and iPad - all of which I had equivalent models of two years ago).

Total cost of the hardware I've replaced Apple with... ~$4,000.

There are quality alternatives to Apple.

I'm really looking forward to my talk on Automating Development at WordCamp Seattle in 2 weeks. Here's to hoping I can see you there!

BTW: If you're looking to work on WordPress or related tech, we're hiring at @wpengine. Let's chat!

"This is currently undocumented but easily understood by reading the source."

Yeah, no.

Last month I wrote about my efforts in leaving big tech behind. Today I've followed that up with a list of what I've used to work myself as far out of Google's clutches as I can get (so far).

I haven't used a hotel TV in years. Need to fix that for Saturday morning football.

I had one plan for this trip, to use the down time to write. Yeah, that didn't happen.

Have you ever held your web server in the palm of your hand? And walked around the room? 🤓👍

It’s not much of a looker but it works! 😁

#SiteJS #RaspberryPi

Looking forward to going home tomorrow, even if it is less than 24 hours. While it's been great working with my team, I'm just tired.

When you know all the tricks in your hotel room (hvac, lights, etc) you've been on the road too long.

Sunday 2 of 5 on the road. Looks like it might be a great day to visit the Omaha zoo.

Former White House ethics director on Trump giving his own hotel G7 contract: ‘We have reached the bottom.There is no level of corruption greater than a President participating in the award of a contract to himself'


It's been about a year now since we were in Utrecht. Oh how I wish we could've moved there. I'm still looking for alternatives but starting to realize I will probably die here.

As far as clickbaity headlines go, "strange, secretive cheapskates" is up there. I know that FI/RE can be cultish, but apparently being frugal to be in control of your life is bad?

"Inside the strange, secretive lives of rich millennial cheapskates"

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