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Remember how US law made it illegal for Standard Oil to unfairly control what railroads could and couldn't ship?

In an information-centric economy, the parallels to Google are uncanny.

Me: I'm going to get back to working on getting healthy this week after a long holiday.

Also me: skips gym because we went out for too many beers yesterday

Also me: breakfast currently consists of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups (king size) and swiss cheese.

I'm so bad at this getting healthy thing. Ugh

The quid pro quo from surveillance brands has always been to suggest if we're not happy with their shady business practices, we just shouldn't use their services.
Let's take their word then, shall we?
I've deleted my @amazon account a few weeks ago. Not missing it at all.

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This seems like a good time to mention that manipulation of human attention and behavior are not inevitable. We could prioritize liberty and self-determination. We could declare that data is human right, not an asset.

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Mandatory facial recognition for mobile phone users in China "makes Chinese mobile phone and internet users easier to track."

Farewell consent.

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If you just bought a smart TV on Black Friday or plan to buy one for Cyber Monday tomorrow, the FBI wants you to know a few things:

A/C is back on which means I slept like shit. Not looking like a great start to a Monday where it is already 24C/75F just before sunrise. Ugh.

Next time you feel like you wasted your life, just remember, someone spent the better part of their life writing nd directing multiple Weekend at Bernie's movies.

Busy developers,

We know it's tough to stay current on technology.

We've gathered 5 experts to present to you on "Modern Web Programming".

Join us. Learn. Stay ahead of the curve.


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The reason the terrorist in London went on a "stabbing spree" instead of a "shooting spree" is because they have tough gun laws and serious penalties in England. Thus the toll was 3 dead (awful) rathe than 3 dozen (horrific).

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From Icelandic law circa 1118: “If a man calls a man a name other than his own[…]the penalty is three years’ exile, if he takes offense.”

—quoted by Gissing Palsson, ‘The Man Who Stole Himself’ (@UChicagoPress, 2016)

We no longer safeguard one another’s honor so vigilantly.

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31 Days of Marketing: During the holidays, your message canget lost in the chaos. Make sure that you have differentiated your marketing. Don’t tell them how you’re the same as everyone else. Show them how you’re different.

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You know what we call the day after the end of the decade?


Don't place too many emotions around an arbitrary date. Keep going.

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Hi please take time to enjoy the real world today, it's quite large and quite nice!

Go for a walk, breathe in life :)

What a day. Ran into another old friend and asked her about her dog as we hadn't seen him in a while. He passed on Thursday which brought our friend to tears. Time for me to go back to bed.

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This before and after video from Vienna, Austria could be any American city. Safe bike infrastructure isn’t hard or especially expensive. It just takes the will to reallocate street space to build it.

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