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If your approach to sustainable tech is living off a trust fund I've got some news for you about the whole sustainable part of your business plan.

Bonus if you do this and still criticize anyone who has to make a living without such funding.

Here's the list of changes in the new #PHP 8.0 alpha

Lots of deprecated functions/methods are now removed. Many existing functions behave differently

These are basically breaking changes for anyone still using any branch older than 7.2

If there is one thing I wish Gitea had it would be federation.

Logged into my old G-suite account for the 1st time in a while to make sure there's nothing left before deletion (thanks to subscriptions I couldn't delete until now)

Documents long deleted, in some case years ago, from Drive are still perfectly viewable with no way to delete them. Just checking the "Priority" tab in Drive brings up all sorts of things long since delete.

That's some thoroughly evil shit!

Microsoft is so insidious... they're worming their way into every major language community and are doing their absolute best to ingratiate themselves with the FOSS community while they continue to destroy computing for consumers

My talk on building your first plugin starts in ten minutes at WordCamp Denver!

You can follow along for free if interested in watching!

I've probably asked this before, but anyone have any good experiences with a .ca domain registrar?

Looking to get a computer with elementary OS out of the box? Check out Laptop With Linux, a Netherlands-based company that sells laptops and mini desktops with elementary OS. A portion of each elementary OS purchase goes to support development.

That moment when people realize you're not a capitalist and "raising a giant round" isn't just not motivation for you but something you actively avoid. lol

Not content with filling key government positions with amateurs, President Trump plans to make sure every position possible can be filled with them. Oh, and they still suck at web accessibility.

Today, President @realDonaldTrump will sign an executive order to transform the federal hir...

The problems inherent in dynamic linking became apparent to the industry years ago, but instead of doing the logical thing and moving back to static linking, they invented Docker

This is a good thing. Hopefully more places will close and we'll actually start dealing with the problem but, as it's Florida, we'll probably just see-saw between open and close and wind up making everything worse.

"Removing Confederate statues, renaming army bases, etc -- none of this is "historical revisionism". These things were put there as part of a deliberate propaganda effort in the first place. Their *presence* is the revisionism."

- #KarlFogel

These are the type of frauds so many in tech look up to... then we wonder why we have an ethics problem in tech...

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