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me: working from home gives me the opportunity to focus on tasks free from the the distractions of a noisy office!









me: cool never mind

Yes, we should be shutting it all down. It's time to find some actual leadership in this country. Masks are simply not enough (even when used). Stay the f home.

why be on social media if what you really want is a blog with the comments turned off

‪Book authors: occasional request/reminder to please release on stores outside of Amazon. They may be smaller stores, but people will definitely appreciate the option to shop elsewhere.‬

I need to remember that Chrome is a hard requirement for work and that's OK for now. It isn't a zero sum game. I only use it for the work tasks that actually require it

Today's Death by Tech vault leak is an article I wrote for paying subscribers at the beginning of the pandemic. I try to offer some actual GOOD information about working from home and avoid the ridiculous "listicle" articles about making sure you have a door.

It's been released from the vault and now everyone can read it. Enjoy!


I had to rescind a book review for the first time. The author had always been a little weird but, somewhere this year, she went full on hateful. For someone who has a PhD and apparently specializes in workplace bullying she turned into one of the worst alt-right Twitter bullies I've seen. Makes me think all her previous work was just full of shit, including the book.

People suck.

Should I buy my favorite bar!

Thus is a real question I need to decide by Monday.

Bitwarden, my password manager of choice, has published their latest security audit.

Read about the Bitwarden commitment to security.

NordVPN makes data transfer to law enforcement agencies official

In a revised data protection statement, the VPN provider NordVPN admits that the processed customer data will be passed on to the authorities as of July 1, if the available data allows them to identify a criminal.

‼️ Privacy Policy - NordVPN

#NordVPN #privacy #ourdata #thinkabout

us politics 

america is what happens when something is founded on genocide, slavery, wanting kings but for only a limited number of years at a time, and then calling it "liberty and justice"

You know #Apple always boasts about how powerful their A-Series chips in the iPhone/iPad are on paper.

But they never mention that you never get to use that power because of how restrictive #iOS is.

I just compiled the entire #golang toolchain on the #PinePhone in under 10 minutes.

Would it take less on an iPhone? I cannot find out easily, Apple won't let me compile the Go toolchain on an iPhone.

That's why the #PinePhone is actually much more powerful than even the most recent #iPhone.

Every time someone says Chrome is good for privacy, a Resynth dies.

Same with Apple...

Don't kill Resynths.

2001 - DHS was established to protect the country “from the ever-present threat of global terrorism.”

2020 - DHS is actively engaged in domestic terrorism against Americans at the command and behest of trump*.

We didn't need it in the first place.

Power is out yet again. I couldnt even report it as I don't have Chrome on this phone.

I think its time I stopped this self hosted experiment. There are daily issues with things I can't use and the "its not about me" issue still rings so true as I drive my wife crazy with it.

And anyone who wants to tell me I don't care or am somehow less morally pure for changing tools can just fuck right off

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by all means, call bad stuff bad, but don't moralize it unless you actually think you are better than poor people or people without tech skills who don't have access to the things you do

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what if people weren't smug about "bad" tech shit while also not offering any alternative to people who do not have the money/resources/skills to use the "good" tech? :thinkingcat:

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