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If Mastodon is good for anything, it's the people who love to tell me how I should use my own account.

I love my experience here but the random DMs I get because I don't use my account the way the sender wants me to is rather comical. I've never had that on any other network

Self care is proactively blocking everybody who expresses the opinion that blocking is never justified.

Maybe we'll luck out here again? I know this is long range. Extreme anxiety triggers SUCK

It's bad enough that people put these things into their own homes but an Echo or similar device would be a deal-breaker if I was ever to rent a place with one.

Apple isn't a privacy company... As they wouldn't be apart of the NSA Prism Project. Privacy isn't apples priority
#apple #privacy #nsa

With even the Weather Channel starting to factor in a major hurricane in their long-term forecast... here goes my anxiety.

Google removed K-9 Mail from the Play store with zero notice because the description of the app included alternate spellings of the app name we'd included to work around how bad Play's search is.

Every evening after work I grab my personal laptop and set out to write. Every evening after work I find myself without the energy to do any more than scroll through Mastodon and Twitter. This is a habit I hope to change.

Google removed @k9mail from the Play Store without prior notice because they objected to the following text in the app description (that has been the same for more than a year):

(People sometimes call K-9: K9, K9 Mail, K-9 Email, K9 Email, K9 E-Mail, k9mail or k9email.)

"Just because there is now a multi-billion-dollar industry based on the abject betrayal of our privacy doesn’t mean the sociopaths who built it have any right whatsoever to continue getting away with it"

Great post!

Ireland's lacrosse team withdrew from an international tournament to give their slot to the Iroquois National's team to play in the tournament instead.

Lacrosse, as you may or may not know, began as a ceremonial sport played by Native American and First Nations tribes (I believe it belonged largely to the Haudenosaunee/ Iroquois Confederacy), and was at one time deeply spiritual but has been soundly ripped away from its roots and its people.

"Its simply the right thing to do," they say.

Consider that everyday people that use #privacy intrusive software like Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram, and etc need help more than chastisement.

Don't be afraid to meet them in the middle & continually offer reasons to switch from algorithms and human-behavior-as-the-income method.

It takes many conversations and practice to sway people from their habits.

A new documentary on social networks, filter bubblers, user privacy, etc. premieres on Netflix tomorrow

The Social Dilemma trailer:

What happened to Mozilla?

A lot has happened in regard to #Mozilla lately. Hundreds of staff in important positions have been laid off. Tough questions are being asked about the future of the 'company' and whether it is time to 'ditch #Firefox'. There are even those who have gone as far as to claim that Mozilla is dead. So what actually happened? Why are people angry and do you need to switch?

Mondays that are really Tuesdays are 20% better than Mondays that are really Mondays.

My measure of racist people is not their current act. I don't care that by law you're forced to respect black people. My measure is if you had the chance to live in a time that slavery was legal, what would you do?

Would you own slaves if it was legal? Would you make it look OK by telling yourself it's legal and it's just a business and everybody does it? If you do, you're a trash I don't want to have interaction with.

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