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Arguments about whether it's called GNU/Linux or Linux are precisely part of why so many more people still use Windows and Mac

why do programmers prefer dark mode 

because light attracts bugs

I'm slowly leaving SMS and regular phone calls behind. Signal has been wonderful for that. The only problem is that I tend to miss texts completely from the [very] few people that still contact me that way. :/

Tweaking a few things this afternoon and trying out a few other browsers. I really do rely on Firefox's containers anymore. Any browser without just feels wrong.

I really do love my System76
Oryx Pro but I'm realizing I use my Asus Zenbook more often simply because it has a reasonably-sized charger. I didn't think that would be such a big deal but, here we are.

Any thoughts on the AGPL free software license?

Got minimum one case of a company taking open source code and selling it as a direct, closed-source competitor. Seems fair to prevent that kind of behaviour.

I'm getting happier with my workspace. Lots of stuff to clean out but, it's getting better.

(inbox cat for scale)

Anyone else with Nextcloud having issues with the app store this morning?

We live within walking distance of the beach yet we hadn't been there in over a year. Decided to make it the destination for our morning walk today. It was the right choice.


As someone who was harassed via screenshotting I want to make something clear:

Screenshot dunking is when you take a screenshot of someones post for the direct purpose of mocking them and making them a spectacle

Screenshot dunking is NOT screenshotting bigoted assholes or bullies for evidence of their said harassment and using it to warn people that someone is bad

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Add to that that our main source of tasks, calendar and file syncing, Nextcloud, still fails daily on my wife's machine and, with the new version of NC, tasks is thoroughly broken on the server itself.

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Today's goal: Work on some blog posts and a project I've wanted to start

What happened: 7 hours fixing wife's devices, troubleshooting issues with Nextcloud and FreshRSS, rebuilding Algo server after failure and troubleshooting failed boot on my primary machine.

Tell me again why this self-hosted stuff is worth it?

Even during Covid, peace and quiet at home is absolutely impossible

Looking for an API that lets me query the current (estimated) brightness (ideally in lux) for a given set of geo coordinates. Was hoping OpenWeatherMap would offer something like that... sadly not.

The new internet we need is a collection of mesh networks, built on self-owned identities for people and resources (aka machines). It’s P2P all over but this time it’s truly decentralised instead of federated or server-centric. It’s the #InternetOfPeople

#TechnicalDebt is akin to #ClimateChange. We’re piling up digital toxic waste and hope someone else in the future solves this in a magic way.

After 8 months of self-hosting my GIT repos I think it's time to move most of it back to GitHub. I haven't been able to leave the platform anyway as I need it for work and there are just too many things that need to access my code, including all the CI that doesn't work with much but GitHub today (grr)

Internet bullies exist on all sides of the political spectrum. People really are assholes.

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